Euram Candidate Interview: Soraya Rocma

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Interview by Jacob Hartley


Please introduce yourself

Hi my name is Soraya, I’m French, coming from Morocco. I want to be student representative because I always wanted to help people and to invest myself in student life. To tell you the truth, I have never been a student representative during my high school life, but I always invest myself in social life. I really want to know all of the students and not be a representative but a link between the students, administration and professors, and be someone who can help you with your problem. Our class is wonderful, full of talented people coming from all over the world. Although my program is not precise, I would do in any function what you (the students) want.  The first year is terrible, I’m one of its victims, and that’s why I want to be a representative.

What do you think the role of a student representative at Sciences Po Reims is/should be?

I don’t love the name of student representative, I’m only an intermediary. I really want you to count on me if you have any problem. I will do all I can to help you, to defend you and support you in your student life. I think that it’s difficult for a lot of you, to come here, in a new country without your family.

Why are you running to be a student representative?  

When I passed the Sciences Po exam, I was not sure I would be accepted because of  my english — which I think is very  bad. But, I am an ambitious and determined person. I always like to invest myself for the other because it’s what I want to do later to be useful for people. Something else that made me want to be student representative is a post in Yik Yak. I know that it’s ridiculous, but that (post) really interested me. Someone said that he or she didn’t integrate well to Sciences Po. He or she was, in short, envious of a lot of Sciences Pistes who speak fluent English and who travel all over the world. It is that sort of person who I want to help and to represent.

What makes you qualified for this position?

I’m not perfect and have a lot of defects, but like I said, I’m ambitious, determined,  extroverted, and concerned about our studies. I will not try, but I will act to change or bring novelty (innovation) in our student life.

A lot of people ask for several things, (like a) place where they can play music, to begin filming lectures of Professor Custos , or to create a drive where we send our notes.

As a student representative what would be your mission/main goals (i.e. explain your platform)?

Our promotion is wonderful, I’ve met with a lot of nice people, but my objective is solidarity like I said in my letter. But my real mission is to serve the students — my program is not mine but yours.

What is the one thing that as a student representative, you’d like to change or reform?

I have not really one thing that I want to change, but I will repeat myself, it’s really about what the students want.

Finally, if you could be any living person for a day, who would you be and why?

Margrethe Vestager. She is a politician in Denmark. She is a European Commissioner, known for her negotiation skills. Apple, Google, and Amazon are literally her victims.


Photo: Jacob Hartley

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