Wondartland – List for BDA

The Wondartland executive team. Photo: Simone Richler//The Sundial Press

By Jacob Hartley and Aurore Laborie

President — Victoria Pozzi Rocco Belforti

Vice President –Bastien Rébéna

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What do you want students to know?

Our Wondartlands are manifest in different modes and vibes. It is a pity that we have a limited conception of what art should be, and we want to debunk this notion. Wondartlands are experiences, beautiful, raw, exploratory and uniquely US.

Your Wondartland is ours too.

To realize the Wondartists within, there are three key visions.


OUR CULTURES ARE ALL SO DIVERSE AND BEAUTIFUL. We are all proud of our roots, our stems and our fruits. It’s time for us to share our culture freely and actively.


FIND YOUR VOICE. There are so many issues that we hear about, but we have those that we hold dear to ourselves. We must harness the moving, amusing, thought-provoking nuances of art to tell these perspectives and discuss these issues. After all, Wondartlands are made of our stories.


WE WON’T JUST BRING ART TO CAMPUS. We will take ourselves to the world, Reims and beyond. Wondartland does not just exist in Reims. We live in it.


What do you intend to change, if you were to succeed in the elections?

We are always in pursuit of revolutionizing and improving ourselves. Drawing from the successes and the weaknesses of the past year, we seek to grow and to drive ourselves to achieve greater in service of the student body and their artistic passions. Permanent exhibitions of student artwork and diverse events on and off campus are just some legacies we want to uphold. But the sky has not been reached. We want to be the firmament, that will make you shine in all your shapes and colors. With a promising line-up to realize Wondartland, from the celebration of Music from Home, Literature Week to empower student creators, Cinema-entered conferences, Working Out through Dance and a cultural exploratory trip to Paris, each pole has designed a range of tangible efforts. On top of that, Wondartland and the executive will be introducing a bi-semestral review. We want to be accountable to you. In a bi-semestral review, we will identify our plans and the outcome of these plans, and do a key performance indicator analysis of the events organized to ensure that we are continuously serving you. The work for Wondartland never stops, art will never leave this campus. Note: For full details of the plans by pole, all can refer to the Wondartland programme (available in English and French versions).


What are some events you want to highlight that your list will offer this week?

Wondartland has been envisioned to have a multitude of diverse worlds to explore. The full list of activities has different artistic experiences, from club nights with some fantastical music, to Artivism where the union of art and politics is celebrated and activities involving you, like painting and dancing. What are you waiting for? Welcome to Wondartland.


Decoration & Serenade

Time: Sunday, 15th April from 9pm to ALL NIGHT LONG

Location: at your place

Here, in Wondartland, we want to transform your world. And why have to take the walk to school when the Wondartland is waiting to be discovered. Have a song you want us to sing, a poem or two for us to read, a bedtime story perhaps, or want a touch of wonder in your apartment – you tell us and we will realize your dreams together.


Artivism Day

Time: Monday, 16th April from 8h to 19h

Location: Sciences Po Salle des Actes and Courtyard

Art is written with a story. A protest against chains of racism or the patriarchal structures that ensure our expression; there has been so much that has been said and championed through art. We are politically driven and we want to spread our discourse with the art we male, we bleed, we create. The Salle des Actes will be transformed in a Artivist gallery, with a WondArtWall of political posters, from Europe to Middle East to Latin America. Keep your eyes glued onto the other facet of the wall, where a series of political videos seek to get your brain juices and artistic souls churning. See a comfortable cushion with a pair of headphones? Jump right on them and scan the QR code to be taken on an auditory journey with moving songs and provocative spoken word poems. And just as you enter the courtyard, there will be a surprise awaiting: What is the truth to you?


Art Factory

Time: Friday, 20th April from 17h00 to 22h00

Location: Yellow House (opposite Sciences Po)

Fancy being transported to world after world, to indulge in experience after experience. Art Factory is one of our signature events, where you will tumble down the Wondartland hole from themed room to themed room. Whether a wispy sensory stimulation of the mystery of poetry, a zen musical brooding or a grungy plunge into an underartground, the shades of a Wonderland spectrum will be unleashed in the Art Factory. Of course, this adventure will be accompanied by our own Wondartland mixes to inebriate your senses and call out the Wondartist in you.



Time: Monday, 16th April from 20h00 – 23h00

Location: Residium (90 Rue des Moulins)

We hear the beating in your heart. We hear the song you hum under your breath. We want to you to Speak Art. In line with Artivism Day in Sciences Po, Speak Art is a chill night to discuss the topics close to our heart- Race, Gender, Identity and Economic Inequality. Through a series of activities, like performance art and crafts, with a serving of fromage and saucisson, we will reflect on these pertinent issues and tell our stories. That’s not all- some of our very own will be performing some songs they hold dear to their hearts, their voices will reverberate and their stories told. Our Wondartists have stories to tell, it’s time we SPEAK ART


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