missed connections

sitting in a bus.

looking out at

moments flying past the window

what makes a city, a city

we urbanised

and take vacation from

the claustrophobia it causes

to enjoy the nature that

we chased out of our homes

the eternal illusion


from reality

then why

destroy it in the first place?


sitting in a bus. I watch the faces of you all

absurd parts

that make a whole

uncountable pieces

that complete the puzzle


that constitute humanity

there you are

so close and yet so far

so intimate and yet

so distant

choosing to keep hold of

a pole

a seat

a strap

instead of each others hands


sitting in a bus.

at the same time

proud to be member of us

and ashamed for what we’ve done

don’t you see

can’t you imagine

what we could accomplish

if we would just be –


sitting in a bus.

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