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BREAKING: The Chamber of Secrets is Open

By February 21, 2017 No Comments

By Zak Vescera, Auror, Special from the Daily Prophet


For millennia, muggles and wizards had shared the same world with all but the most minimal of contact.

But all that came to a crashing halt yesterday when the Chamber of Secrets was opened.

As an undercover Auror on special assignment to the Reims International Model United Nations, this reporter has served as an official liaison between the two worlds.
I was not alone in this assignment; many members of the local Bureau Des Eleves are also wizards and witches, patiently enduring endless micro lectures in the anticipation that this school’s darkest secret might one day be revealed.

The History You’ve Never Heard

During this school’s construction, the Jesuits uncovered something horrifying in the tunnels beneath the city. Among the barrels of Champagne passages that connect St. Remi and the Cathedral lies a door, sealed with the darkest of magics. Horrified, they were wise enough to seal the tunnels lest any dark wizard powerful enough should open the mythical Chamber of Secrets.

However, the Chamber was designed in such a way that one gateway would always remain open– the entrance in the basement of this very school. To keep students safe, me and my fellow Aurors used Forgetfulness charms, spells of concealment, and layers of protective charms around the student lounge. We even allowed the foul smell of the chamber to escape, in the hopes that the scent of rotting snake would drive Muggles away.

Sometime yesterday, at 4:56 Western European Wizarding time, a lone student is believed to have infiltrated the barriers around the entrance, opening the Chamber of Secrets.

Emergency Measures

Since the death of Salazar Slytherin’s basilisk, it is unknown what horrors have festered in the Chamber’s dark depths. But the release of magic into the school is irreversible.

In order to combat this new threat, the Bureau Des Eleves and its crack team of Aurors have planned week-long exercises to train students in the arts of magic. After the Chambers opening, many among you are muggles no more– should you choose to embrace it.

But we’ll need more than magic. This effort will require the most powerful sorcery of all time; multilateral diplomatic cooperation. The Muggles of RIMUN, together with Auror aides, will be working with the BDE to create an event to unite the four houses, end the gap between the mystic and the real, and to banish dark magic quicker than a reducto curse.

We urge all students to stay calm, to avoid the Forbidden Forest, the Basement, and the forbidden section of the third-floor corridor, to exercise constant vigilance, and to await further instructions.

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