The Sundial Press is the student-directed media outlet of Sciences Po Campus of Reims. It publishes editions in print and online. Originally started as a group project when the campus of Reims was founded in 2011, it has become a newspaper covering all aspects of student life at Sciences Po and in Reims as well as the global issues that impact the university’s international student body.

The paper has grown with the Reims campus, and for the 2023-2024 school year its staff comprises over 50 students. The Sundial Press is led by the editors in chief and supported by a dozen section editors. Each section is staffed by student writers. Integral to The Sundial’s work is also the corps of digital and design staffers, business managers, and photographers who provide logistical help and multimedia additions to the paper’s written content.

The Sundial Press serves to bring issues of Sciences Po student life to the center of conversation in a fact-based, well-researched format. Its foremost goal is to inform the students of Sciences Po Campus of Reims about important events, trends, and ideas. However, through partnerships and the syndication of articles with other campus newspapers in the Sciences Po Paris network, The Sundial Press also serves as a medium for inter-campus connection and dialogue accessible to Sciences Po students across France, instructors, alumni, and the broader public.

The Sundial Press is a newspaper that features writing and content on all facets of Sciences Po student life, regardless of potential controversy or backlash. The campus of Reims is home to a diverse student body, and strong disagreements on issues of importance are only natural. The paper is bound to no single perspective or party; its allegiance is to discussing all aspects of student life and providing a platform through which students can express their views.

That said, Sundial writers are accountable to the dignity of the work they produce and their audience. When we make mistakes we will acknowledge and correct them, because accountability in public life is important.

Journalism in the 21st century represents a significant challenge. The profession exists today at the crossroads of great promise and potential decline. The ascent of digital media has provided journalists with the means to share information more effectively and widely than ever before. Through the use of traditional writing and publishing methods, such as our print edition and website, and experimentation with new ones, like our social media accounts and videography projects, we provide an immersive media experience for our audience. Our goal is to make important information available to our readers through the cornucopia of different mediums that exist in the digital world.


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