Executive, Business and Multimedia

Saga Ringmar

English-speaking Editor in Chief

Saga Ringmar is the anglophone Editor in Chief for the Sundial Press. Originally from Sweden, Saga has spent most of her life in China and the UK. She has previously worked for Time Out Magazine Beijing, City Weekend Magazine and freelanced for The Guardian, The Swedish National Radio and The Local. She fluctuates between pursuing a career in journalism or retiring early to a cottage by some remote lake. Either will do.

Alice Bello

French-speaking Editor in Chief

Alice Bello is the Francophone Editor-in-Chief of the Sundial Press. She is a Parisian New Yorker or a New Yorkan (is that a word?) Parisianer (that’s probably not a word either) whose interests include drinking coffee, reading the New York Times, and reading the New York Times while drinking coffee.

Jacob Hartley

Multimedia Editor in Chief

Jacob Hartley is the Multimedia Editor-in-Chief of the Sundial Press. The New Yorker and Commonweal magazines are two cherished publications of this Alabama native. A French indie film and Vatican TV celebrity, he is well-known on campus for his 'folksy' American accent.

Alina Yalmanian

Managing Editor

Carole-Louise Ashby

Social Media Manager and Digital Editor

Carole-Louise Ashby is the multimedia and digital editor of the Sundial Press. Coming from an anglo-french family in the Beaujolais region, she left wine for champagne and is now a second year student in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University and Sciences Po. No matter how busy her life can get, she always makes it her priority to keep our website and social media platforms updated with new articles!


Maria Linares


Maria Linares is the News section editor for The Sundial Press. Originally from El Salvador, she has spent part of her life abroad in Guatemala, Georgia (the country), and Uganda. She is currently a second year student at Sciences Po Campus of Reims in the Euro-American program, studying Politics and Government.

Alexandra Oh


Alexandra Oh is a News section writer for The Sundial Press. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she is a second year student at Sciences Po and a part of the Dual BA program between Columbia University and Sciences Po.

Sophie Grigoriu


Sophie Grigoriu is a News section writer for the Sundial Press. She is half French half Greek, but mostly lived in France except for a few months spent in Vancouver. She is a 1A in the Euram program.

Sophie Harrington


Sophie Harrington is a first year student in the Euro-America Program and is writing for the News section for The Sundial Press. She grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts (right next to Boston) but her mom is French so she has spent many summers in Europe. Previously she was a part of her high school newspaper ``The Register Forum`` where she wrote, took photographs, and distributed the paper. One of her favorite movies is ``Spotlight`` and after seeing the film she was able to go to the Boston Globe headquarters and see where the Spotlight team worked!

Mariam Ben Slama


Realized I had too many opinions so I went for the news.

Clément Streiff


Clément Streiff is a News section writer for the Sundial Press. Originally from rural France but a wannabe international kid, he is now a first-year student in the Dual BA Program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. When he is not procrastinating and denying hundreds of deadlines, Clément can also be found jogging, reading essays he can't understand, cooking meals with love, and listening to ABBA's Gold in a concerningly obsessive way.

Junet Bedayn


Junet Bedayn was raised in a small town in the mountains of northern California called Grass Valley. She enjoys hiking, playing the fiddle, and drinking copious amounts of tea (while writing articles for the news section of the Sundial Press).

Foreign Affairs

Abigail Edwards


Abigail Edwards is the anglophone Foreign Affairs editor for The Sundial Press. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Abby is part of the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia and hopes to pursue a career in international law or diplomacy. Outside of Sundial, Abby is a researcher for the U.S. State Department- Office of the Historian, the Research Team Lead for the Journal of European and American Intelligence, and one of the Campaigns Coordinators for STAND France. She is particularly interested in the legal issues surrounding genocide, war crimes, and humanitarian intervention which she briefly studied at Stanford.

Héloïse Trouvé


Héloïse Trouvé is the French speaking editor in the foreign affairs section. Having grown up in Brussels, she has a passionate interest in European current issues. Addicted to caffeine, she is (obviously) very energetic and enthusiastic.

Sam Yacob


Sam Yacob, `{`not Jacob`}`, is a second year EurAm student in the UBC Dual Degree Program. He was born in Asmara and raised in Toronto. He is interested in Canadian politics and the Horn of Africa.

Charlotte Hourdin


Charlotte is a Foreign Affairs writer for the Sundial Press. She is French and accidentally American. She is a 1A Euram at sciences po because it is cheaper than American universities.
She is passionate about cultures, globalization, post and neo colonialism, extremism and many other -isms. She also writes for PolitiClique -- go check it out if you're interested 😉

Pauline Lecouvé


From a Breton father and a Normand mother, writing helps me prevent myself from the propention for alcoholism that I inherited from my Breton and Normand genes. If think of myself as a European citizen. Through my articles, I will try to share with you my intrest for the EU.

Evie Michèle Portier


Evie Portier is a first year Euram Student from The Netherlands, working with the foreign affairs branch of the Sundial. She was born in Delft but has lived in London, New York, and Amsterdam. She wears little gold glasses and can likely be found in a Carrefour near you looking for cheap vegetables.

Adam Hvaelka


Adam is a first year EURAM student from Slovakia. His interests include economics, finance, and, above all, drinking exorbiant amounts of coffee while mindlessly scrolling through the Washington Post app.


Miko Lepistö


Miko Lepistö is the anglophone opinion editor of The Sundial Press. Springing from the depths of Helsinki, he now spends his time sitting surrounded by books in Reims. When not rationalizing his poor choice of major, he can be found walking around in various plaid-themed outfits. After writing a series of esoteric articles in 1A, he decided to move onto the role of censor. If an article makes you particularly angry, blame him.

Maxence Bouée


Pierre Sarlieve


Pierre Sarlieve is a second-year Euram student writing chronicles for the Opinion section of the Sundial Press. Born in France, raised in Canada, he sometimes questions in which part of the world his heart remains. Qualified as overly serious, he spends much of his time reading and criticizing whatever position he judges excessively firm, although it occasionally makes him guilty of the same deed.

Santiago Robledo


Michelle Wei


Michelle Wei is an Opinion writer for The Sundial Press. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, she is now a first year student at Sciences Po in the Dual BA with the University of British Columbia.

Patrick Bauer-Blank


Born in Colorado, raised in Massachusetts; Patrick Bauer-Blank is an American in-passport-only who found his heart on exchange in Costa Rica. He started Sciences Po at the Dijon campus, but is currently a 2A EURAM at Reims. He's overly cynical about yesterday, but naively optimistic for tomorrow. He plans to be a litigator, but dreams of traveling the world on a motorcycle.

Emilie Rappeneau


Emilie Rappeneau is a French first-year Euram student from Poissy who writes for the Opinion section of The Sundial. She talks too much, sleeps too little and loves to write silly poems. When she's not procrastinating, she can be found defending veganism, binge-watching Friends or playing the ukulele.

Benedetta Morari


Benedetta is a first-year EURAM student attending the Dual BA between Sciences Po and Columbia University. Born and raised in Padova, Italy, she left home to study with peers from all around the globe at the United World College in New Mexico, USA. She is now writing for the Opinion section of the Sundial Press, as she believes that criticism can come from a place of immense compassion and a cogent opposition of normalcy has the potential to create profound change.

Eugène Fernandes


Emma Reillon


Emma is a 5.2 feet/1.60m tall tea and dark chocolate fueled human. She tries as best as she can from her short height to see and perceive the world as accurately as possible. Nevertheless, this lack of altitude she faces when looking around may happen to cause a slight bias when it comes to writing.


Blythe Edwards


Blythe Edwards is a second year student at Sciences Po Campus de Reims. An American by birth, she is a Londoner at heart. She is the Anglophone editor of The Sundial's Travel section.

Morgane Briere


Morgane is a Toronto born, disorganized, travel junky. She always knows where her passport is but please don’t ask her to find her keys.

Laurdi Sala-Diakanda


Laurdi Sala-Diakanda is a first year Euraf at Sciences Po Paris Campus de Reims and a writer for The Sundial Press Travel Section. Half Congolese and Cameroonian, she knows how good it feels to grow up in a world full of colours and culture. Bold, messy and stubborn, she loves the taste of adventure ; indeed in 17 years she’s lived in four different African countries ! Wondering what she’s doing now ? Probably watching Netflix or planning her next trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Adèle Grillet


Adèle Grillet is a first-year Euram student writing in the travel section of the Sundial. She is coming from Poitiers in France but was preferring to move a bit, so she chose a SciencesPo campus in an other town. She doesn’t look that good on her picture, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Lorraine Fabre


Lorraine Fabre is a Euram in first year writing for the travel section, having previously written for her high school newspaper. Born and raised in Canada, she bears the marks of a true Vancouverite - loves sushi, skiing, and the outdoors. A self-prescribed coffee lover, Lorraine enjoys trying new blends, though the 35 cent espresso from the vending machine holds a special place in her heart.

Amanda Van Dyck


Born and raised in the armpit of America, Amanda is thrilled to be continuing her journalistic pursuits as a writer for the Sundial. An editor of her high school newspaper, Amanda enjoys popcorn, politics, and corgis. You can usually find her attempting to rollerblade, practicing her A1 French with strangers, or falling off of bicycles.

Diva Jain


An ardent traveler and avid reader, Diva Jain is a writer for the Travel Section of the Sundial Press. She was born and raised in Mumbai, India and is now a part of the Euro-American program at Sciences Po.


Camille Ibos


Camille Ibos is a second-year EurAm student and the Francophone Culture Section Editor. She’s from Lyon, France, and makes up for her lack of international background by covering her bedrooms’ walls with scratch maps. Her healthy lifestyle consists of repeating that she has too many things to do before adding even more things to an already unhealthy schedule in order to, quotation, ‘be the change she wishes to see in the world’ (Gandhi). She also runs the multicultural website Babel Tower.

Greta Baxter


Greta Baxter grew up in Moscow, New Jersey, and Paris. Her hobbies include everything involving dessert food, hiking, reading, watching TV shows impressively fast, all while trying to get at least 3 hours of sleep.

Kat Mokrynski


Kat Mokrynski is a first-year Euram student writing for the Culture section of The Sundial Press. She was born and raised near Philadelphia, the land of cheesesteaks and crazy sports fans. Her previous experiences with journalism include reviewing different theatre productions and interviewing actors like Javier Muñoz (Hamilton), Kendra Kassebaum (Come From Away), Stephanie Styles (Newsies), and even the great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens. Kat can usually be found petting dogs, listening to Broadway soundtracks, or taking a trip to Disneyland Paris.

Antonin Decrulle


Antonin Decrulle is a writer for the Culture section of the Sundial Press. He is French but mostly lived in Luxembourg. Antonin is a first year student enrolled in the Euro-American program in the UBC dual degree. He is passionate about theater and he has written play reviews for the local theater newspaper.

Maeve Cucciol


Eléna Pougin


Elena is a writer for the culture section of the Sundial Press. Raised in France, she has always been found of journalism, so much that she had decided to create her own media called MOOZ last year. As a part of the Sundial, she wants to discover and to learn from all the vibrant things available on campus and most importantly : from the people there. Pretty interested in quite everything, Elena is looking forward to fulfill her dreams and continuing her hobbies : literature, music, cinema, theater, painting and binge-watching tvshows.

Photography and Illustration

Chloé Joubert


Chloe is the Photography Editor of The Sundial Press. Originally from Clermont-Ferrand, France, she spent most of her childhood in South Carolina, USA and now is a first-year student at Sciences Po's Euro-American program. Motivated by human contact, her career aspirations waver between becoming a diplomat and running away to Afghanistan to become a photojournalist. As a child, she used to waste money on film by taking the same picture three times with her disposable Kodak. Today, she has invested into additional disk space. You can follow her blog here: https://chlosely.tumblr.com/.

Julien Potié


Julien Potié is a 2A Euram student working as a photographer for The Sundial Press. Before moving to Reims, he has always lived in Paris suburbs. At first, he only was into videography, but then started to practice photography 4 years ago. Julien has already worked for a few brands, associations or events and he is always looking forward to developing further his skills.

Séverine Peyron


Séverine Peyron is a first-year Euraf student and an illustrator for The Sundial Press. She’s a child of the world ; indeed, she’s spent a huge part of her life abroad in Africa and in South-America. From Benin to Mauritania, from Guinea (Conakry) to French Guyana. She’s an exotic flower which will make you go nuts. Her creativity can make you travel in another universe. Even though she may seem crazy cause she loves Metal and Hard Rock, don’t worry, her illustrations don’t bite

Idil Kutlu


Idil Kutlu is a photographer for the Sundial Press. Born and raised in Istanbul,Turkey; she's always up to pack her bags and see the world through her camera lens. She is currently a first year student at Sciences Po Campus of Reims in the Euro-American program. If you ever see her around with her camera, don't forget to say cheese!

Evan Boulogne


Evan Boulogne is a first-year student at Sciences Po in the Euram program in Reims. Photographer at the Sundial Press, his practice of photography has ranged from street and documentary series to self portrait in the last two years. He is also Social Media Ambassador for Sciences Po, representing the campus on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. In his freetime -if such a thing exists here- Evan sings Tenor in the Vibes, runs along the canal lisenting to “Breakfast in America” and makes after-party-pasta for his friends on Tuesdays. Check out his work on Instagram: @evanboulogne !

Nida Hasan


Nida Hasan is a photographer for the Sundial Press. Originally from the Middle East, but she was born and raised in sunny San Francisco, California. She is currently a first year Euram student in the Dual BA, trying to find a way to balance studying two subjects that are worlds apart. For her, an ideal weekend consists of being in a foreign country with nothing but a camera and some good friends to wander around with.

Sacha Besson


Sacha Besson is an illustrator for the Sundial Press. As far as she can recall, she has always been drawing, especially portraits. She recently started using acrylic paint and digital tools for animation and colorization. Originally coming from the Parisian suburbs, she has moved to Bordeaux and is currently studying at the Sciences Po Paris campus of Reims as a second year in the EURAM program.

Isabelle Yang


Isabelle Yang is an illustrator for the Sundial Press. All the way from California, she enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures. She is a part of the Columbia Dual BA Program and currently is a first year. During her free time, she enjoys reading books and drawing while listening to music!

Clara Pratelli


Claire Babok