Executive, Business and Multimedia

Lorraine Fabre

English-speaking Editor in Chief

Dorian Burnod

French-speaking Editor in Chief

Dorian Burnod is the Francophone Editor-in-Chief of the Sundial Press. Born in the South of France, he missed so much the sun that he decided to try his best to make the Sundial shining always more. Otherwise, you will find him practicing piano near to the Péniche. He's fluctuating between a career in Politics or in Journalism, hesitating between writing on news or being part of the news.

Sophie Harrington

Managing Editor

Sophie Harrington is the Managing Editor for the Sundial Press. Though coming from a Franco-American-Lebanese background, Sophie was born and raised in Cambridge, MA. When not editorially managing the Sundial staff, she can be found on the football pitch, unapologetically watching Trevor Noah's The Daily Show, or fighting for equity and inclusion on campus. She hopes you're enjoying the Sundial Press' content!

Zeyu Liu

Community Manager

Zeyu Liu is the community manager for the Sundial Press.


Amanda Van Dyck


Born and raised in the armpit of America, Amanda is thrilled to be continuing her journalistic pursuits as a writer for the Sundial. An editor of her high school newspaper, Amanda enjoys popcorn, politics, and corgis. You can usually find her attempting to rollerblade, practicing her French with strangers, or falling off of bicycles.

Clément Streiff


Amalia Fougère


Amalia Fougère is a contributor to the News section of the Sundial Press. Although French, she has spent most of her life abroad in Portugal and Switzerland. She is currently a first-year Euram student at Sciences Po.

Foreign Affairs

Charlotte Hourdin


Charlotte is the Foreign Affairs Francophone Editor. She is French and accidentally American. She is a 2A Euram at sciences po because it is cheaper than American universities.
She is passionate about the environment, cultures, migration, globalisation and many other -tions. 😉

Adam Hvaelka


Adam is a second-year EURAM student from Slovakia. His interests include economics, finance, and, above all, drinking exorbitant amounts of coffee while mindlessly scrolling through the Washington Post app.

Victor Jardin


Victor Jardin is a first-year Euraf student and a staff writer for the foreign affairs section of The Sundial Press. He was born and lived in Paris. He is half-french and half-italian. His experience in journalism consists of some internships in various magazines

Damien Jahan


Damien Jahan is a second-year Euram working as a staff writer for the Foreign Affairs section of the Sundial Press. Having spent his whole life in a small French town, he is currently making the most of Sciences Po's international vibes as well as the incredible opportunities offered by the Reims campus. His greatest dream would be to embark on a worldwide journey with a group of close friends. Sounds cliché - but still pretty alluring.

Jurek Wille


Jurek Wille is a staff writer on the Foreign Affairs section of Sundial Press. He disliked the idea of being just another “Franco”-German in Nancy so much that he transferred to Reims only to discover the absurd number of them on campus. His main interests are in security studies and the politics of authoritarian regimes.

Evie Michèle Portier


Evie Portier is a first year Euram Student from The Netherlands, working with the foreign affairs branch of the Sundial. She was born in Delft but has lived in London, New York, and Amsterdam. She wears little gold glasses and can likely be found in a Carrefour near you looking for cheap vegetables.

Helwan Felappi


Helwan Felappi is a second year Euram student. Apart from eating Nutella, his main interests are learning about economics, finance and of course, writing.

Maria Lee Folch


Maria Lee Folch is a staff writer in the Foreign Affairs section for The Sundial Press. Originally from Mexico, she is a first-year student in the Euram program. Her interests include watching late-night comedy as “research``, and stressing about everything for months in advance.


Ilo Rakotonavahy


Ilo Rakotonavahy is the Francophone Opinion Editor for the Sundial Press. Malagasy but raised in Senegal, she is a proud first-year student at Sciences Po Campus of Reims in the European-African program. As a journalist in her high school newspaper last year, she learned to raise questions where the general opinion would agree, stand where she is not expected to be, challenge what we think is obvious. As we say: ``Only dead fish go with the flow.``

Michelle Wei


Michelle Wei is an Opinion editor for The Sundial Press. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, she is now a second-year student at Sciences Po in the Dual BA with the University of British Columbia.

Jaerin Kim


Jaerin Kim is an Opinion staff writer for the Sundial Press. Originally from Busan, South Korea, she is now a first-year Euram student in a dual degree with UBC. When not pessimizing her life, Jaerin can be usually found on campus sipping hot coffee in her usual attire: a leather jacket and headphones.

Thomas Blanda


Thomas Blanda is a first-year Euram student and French Staff Writer for the Opinion section in the Sundial Press. Before coming to Reims, he was living in Paris, where he used to write articles for an associative newspaper. He particularly enjoys exchanging with others about news and politics. Unlike a lot of Parisians, Thomas is not grumpy, or always in a hurry… or at least he tries not to be.

Kat Skiba


Kat is a second-year EURAM studying in the Dual-Degree program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. She is from Chicago, Illinois (yes, actual Chicago not the suburbs), a fact she tends to bring up as often as humanly possible. Her mom is Polish, which explains the level of consonants in her full name. She loves her routine on lazy Sundays: waking late up with the sun, having a cup of coffee, and proceeding (much to her neighbors’ dismay) to sing broadway hits in the shower.

Lillebil Wallner


Lillebil Wallner Lindberg is a contributor to the Opinion section of the Sundial. A native of Stockholm, she has lived in the States and is now a second-year Euram student. When not busy coping with the burden of assignments, she follows American politics the way sports fans follow leagues.

Ava Kalinauskas


Ava Kalinauskas is a first-year student in the Dual BA with Sydney University, writing for the Opinion section of the Sundial Press. She is from Sydney, and spends her time missing the beach and trying to survive in France as an A1.

Mina Bourquin


Mina Bourquin is a first-year Euram student in the Dual BA program with Columbia University writing for the Opinion section of The Sundial Press. Although born in New York, she spent part of her childhood in Phoenix and was primarily raised just outside of Philadelphia. Her experiences around the United States give her a unique perspective on life at Sciences Po that she wants to share - in between trying to catch up on sleep and classwork, of course.

Matthew Capuano-Rizzo


Matthew Capuano-Rizzo is a first-year Euroaf student at Sciences Po and a writer for the Sundial Press Opinion section. A vegetarian since he was four and a half, Matthew was an early convert to the environmental movement. If he’s not pondering how to make our campus more sustainable, you’ll find him jamming out with Elefunk or laughing with collégiens in Cordées de la Réussite.

Anni Tikkala


Anni Tikkala is an anglophone writer for the Opinion section in the Sundial Press. Born and bred in the depths of a forest in Northern Finland, and having finished her high school surrounded by fields and sheep in Wales, she is probably the only person in Reims who can call it the biggest city they've ever lived in.

Daniel Da Silva


Daniel Da Silva is a first-year Euram student writing for the Sundial Press as a staff writer in the Opinion section. Born in Venezuela, raised in France by Portuguese parents, he is an open-minded person, always ready for new adventures. He will always be honest with you even if it is not very objective because he says what he thinks.

Ava Luquet


Ava Luquet is a French Staff Writer in the opinion section of the Sundial Press. She has lived as much of her life in France as in Asia (Hong Kong and Tokyo), and is now a 1A Euram student on the Reims campus. She plans on pursuing a career in journalism, in France or abroad. You can go to her to talk about any social or political aspect in the Japanese culture, but if you come to talk to her about mangas or pop culture, you’ll probably be surprised by how much you know compared to her.

Emilie Rappeneau


Emilie Rappeneau is a 2A Euram student from Poissy. She writes for the Opinion section because she hates being wrong and doesn't know when to stop talking. When she's not arguing with someone, she can be found playing the ukulele, sleeping, or getting lost in Carrefour.

Eve Robert


Eve Robert is a first-year Euram student writing for the opinion section of the Sundial. She comes from Paris, where she was already writing and illustrating for her high school's newspaper. Bilingual and passionate about art and literature, she may appear from times to times in the creative writing section!


Diva Jain


An ardent traveler and avid reader, Diva Jain is a writer for the Travel Section of the Sundial Press. She was born and raised in Mumbai, India and is now a part of the Euro-American program at Sciences Po.

Juliette Laffont


Laurdi Sala-Diakanda


Laurdi Sala-Diakanda is a second-year Euraf at Sciences Po Paris Campus de Reims and a writer for The Sundial Press Travel Section. Half Congolese and Cameroonian, she knows how good it feels to grow up in a world full of colors and culture. Bold, messy and stubborn, she loves the taste of adventure; indeed in 17 years, she’s lived in four different African countries! Wondering what she’s doing now? Probably watching Netflix or planning her next trip to Tokyo, Japan.

Adèle Grillet


Adèle Grillet is a second-year Euram student and a Staff Writer for the Travel Section of the Sundial. She is coming from Poitiers, currently lives in Reims and is already planning her coming years in Vancouver. If you’re looking for her, you will most probably find her lying on her couch, watching whatever series instead of studying.

Jane Weber


Jane Weber is a staff writer for the travel section of the Sundial Press. Originally born in Reunion Island and from Malagasy origins, she has lived for 2 years in Mayotte. Writing has been her passion since high school. She is a second-year student in the euram program. Journalism is one of the most challenging but exciting journeys for her yet. Curiosity will lead her work, hoping to take you to the best trip ever!

Emma Biscarros


Emma Biscarros, a 1st-year student in the Euram program, is a francophone writer for the section ``Travel``. Coming from Toulouse, she loves her south-west region where she always lived but is really curious to discover the world! Her two passions? Paris and her travel notebook!

Iasson Serignes



Benedetta Morari


Maeve Cucciol


Antonin Decrulle


Antonin Decrulle is a writer for the Culture section of the Sundial Press. He is French but mostly lived in Luxembourg. Antonin is a second-year student enrolled in the Euro-American program in the UBC dual degree. He is passionate about theatre and cinema but he will try to focus more on literature this year.

Kat Mokrynski


Kat Mokrynski is a second-year Euram Staff Writer for the Culture section of The Sundial Press. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, the land of cheesesteaks and crazy sports fans. Her previous experiences with journalism include interviews with Javier Muñoz (Hamilton), Kendra Kassebaum (Come From Away), Stephanie Styles (Newsies), and even the great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens. When she’s not studying, Kat can be found petting dogs and cats, listening to Broadway soundtracks, or exploring Disneyland Paris.

Photography and Illustration

Evan Boulogne

Photography Editor

Evan Boulogne is the photography editor at the Sundial Press. Both of French and American origin, he proudly identifies as originating from Strasbourg, his home town for the past decade. His favorite occupations include traveling by bus or hitchhiking to European cities, making photo-series of these trips, listening to electronic music hours on end and more recently learning cryptocurrency trading. His professional ambitions are the pursuit of a career in urbanism.

Séverine Peyron

Illustration Editor

Séverine Peyron is a second-year Euraf student and an illustration editor for The Sundial Press. She’s a child of the world; indeed, she’s spent a huge part of her life abroad in Africa and in South-America. From Benin to Mauritania, from Guinea (Conakry) to French Guyana. She’s an exotic flower which will make you go nuts. Her creativity can make you travel to another universe. Even though she may seem crazy cause she loves Metal and Hard Rock, don’t worry, her illustrations don’t bite

Idil Kutlu


Idil Kutlu is a photographer for the Sundial Press. Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey; she's always up to pack her bags and see the world through her camera lens. She is currently a second year student at Sciences Po Campus of Reims in the Euro-American program. If you ever see her around with her camera, don't forget to say cheese!

Anabella McElroy


Clément Guermeur


Clément Guermeur is one of the photographers for The Sundial Press. Born and raised in the French countryside, he fell in love with photography while travelling in Europe or in the US, but shooting music shows, street scenes or the little delights of everyday life also fascinates him. You may often see him in the library, but if he looks focused, there are more chances that he is editing photos in Lightroom than actually doing academic work.

Creative Writing

Elisa Vovos


Elisa Vovos is the editor of the Creative Writing section. Greek and French, born and raised in Paris then in Geneva, Switzerland, she was convinced she was going to write books in her life, but as her parents told her: « don’t be homeless and go to uni ». A perfect day for her consists of a café ( well 8) and cigarettes accompanied by some baklava, tzatziki , raki and a nice short story to edit.