Executive, Business and Multimedia

Henri Jackson

English-speaking Editor in Chief

Henri is a German-American, a 2A majoring in Economics and Sociology. He is a passionate singer and plays professional baseball in Germany.

Mathilde Roubineau

French-speaking Editor in Chief

Mathilde is from Paris and is a 2A majoring in Politics and Government. She is passionate about art and literatre. When not busy coping with the burden of assignments, she listens to music of all genres or eating Le Four à Bois cookies.

Makena Cioni

English- Speaking Managing Editor-in-Chief

Makena is a Japanese-Italian-American from L.A. She loves singing Italian children's songs and convicing her friends of the need to buy more plants. When not managing the Sundial, she likes to aimlessly explore European cities, sing Disney songs in public to annoy her friends, and be one with nature.

Anaïs Mitelberg

French-speaking Managing Editor

Anaïs is a French-American from New York City and a 2A student. She has a soft spot for bagels and croissants. When not editorially managing The Sundial, she can be found dancing contemporary pieces at La Chapelle getting a little too excited about seeing ducks on the canal, or talking passionately about literature and philosophy.

Dick Paul OUKO

Community Manager

Dick Paul is the Community Manager of The Sundial Press. He is a lover of African literary works and a Rhumba music aficionado.

Campus Life

Lily Barnett


Lily Barnett is the Anglophone Campus Life Editor for The Sundial Press. Lily is a 2A student in EURAM, under the Dual BA program with Columbia. She was born and raised in New Jersey and last year was actually her first time in France.

Sophie Odell


Sophie Odell is a writer for the Campus Life section. She grew up in Boston, MA. Sophie can be found watching Seth Meyers, listening to podcasts, or trying to convince her friends that the east coast (of the US) is better than the west coast.

Matthieu Le


Matthieu Le is the Francophone Editor of the Campus Life section of The Sundial Press. He is half French and half Vietnamese and grew up in the Seattle area in the US. He is currently a 2A student in the EURAM program and a student in the Dual BA program with Columbia University. When not on campus, you can usually catch him wandering around Reims looking for new food places to try, preparing a hectic dinner with some friends over or hopping on a train to another city on Friday night.

Monica Schneck


Monica Schneck is a writer for the campus life section of The Sundial Press. She is from California and is now a 1A Euram student. In her free time she can be found petting any dog she finds, eating pain au chocolat, or convincing her friends of west coast superiority.

Evie Cawte


Evie is an exchange student from Birmingham living her best life in France. Evie speaks and writes in both French and English.

Loïse Le Borgne


Loïse is a writer in the Campus life section of The Sundial Press. She comes from Brest and is now a first year student in Euram. She loves learning and talking about politics, but also about music. She is a sports fan and besides, would like to become a sports journalist.

Annika Tamte


Annika Tamte is a Staff Writer for Campus Life and a 1A in EURAM in the Dual Degree with Berkeley. Quite possibly the most monotonous background at Sciences Po, she comes from a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States. When she’s not rewatching the same tv shows for the 28th time, you’ll probably find her either being incessantly sarcastic or listening to practically every genre of music (except for country).

Elena Schall


Elena Schall is a staff writer for the Campus Life section. She is a French-Bulgarian and Alsatian from Strasbourg, and is currently a 1A. She likes eating tartes, flambées and bretzels. And mostly, she is passionate about musicals and dancing

Foreign Affairs

Lima Luana


Lima is the Foreign Affairs Anglophone Editor. She was born in Brazil, raised in New Zealand and Australia, and is now a 2A EURAM student - yet has an unexplainable American accent. She is passionate about globalisation, migration, learning about different cultures and most importantly, drinking truly worrying amounts of caffeine on a daily basis.

Abi Saleh Walid


Walid Abi Saleh is a writer for the Foreign Affairs section of The Sundial Press. He was born and raised in Lebanon, although France has a special place in his heart for a long time, thanks to a heavy French education. He would be more than happy to discuss with all the Potterhead out here.

Mandgi Varun


Varun Mandgi is a Staff Writer for the Foreign Affairs section of The Sundial Press. Coming from Richmond, Virginia in the United States, he is now a 1A in the Euro-American program. Varun wants to pursue a career in law in the United States, but he is also an avid reader who cannot stop himself from talking about political philosophy and literature to anyone who will listen.

Elena Muglia


Elena is a first year EURAM student doing the dual bachelor's degree with Columbia University. She is originally from Sardinia, Italy and has lived in Verona for 8 years with the last 9 years in Brussels. She discovered her passion for political writing through Balance the Ballot, a youth publication for which she has been a writer for over a year.

Pauline Saurr


Pauline Surr is a 1A Euram student from Metz, France. She loves doing one thing in life: writing. Planning to become a journalist, she hopes she can make this dream real. Pauline is fond of literature and philosophy, as well as current and old international news.

Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos


Daniel Carvalheiro-Santos is a staff writer for the Foreign Affairs section of The Sundial Press. Although born in Portugal, he has spent most of his life in New Jersey, in the United States. In addition to writing about foreign affairs, he also enjoys reading a good book, watching comedy, and researching his family’s history. He looks forward to engaging with his readers.

Linn Leon Junge


Linn Leon Junge is a Staff Writer for the Foreign Affairs section of The Sundial Press. Having grown up in Berlin and Washington D.C., he has always kept a close eye on the news and what’s going on around him. His passion for politics and writing has carried him to Sciences Po, and he is now looking to bring his ideas to the Sundial Press.

Chirag Bansal


Chirag Bansal is a staff writer for The Foreign Affairs section. He hails from New Delhi, India and is a 2A, majoring in Ecology and Sociology and minoring in International Relations. He wishes to work at the cross-sections of Economics and International Relations in the future. Apart from Sundial, he is often repping the EURAM 2As, organising parties with the AS or promoting India on Campus.

Manon Jacquemot


Manon lived in Lyon before moving to the city of champagne. She's always ready to grab a coffee (or a glass of wine) and talk about art, fashion, politics or her next dream travel. Later, she would love working as a reporter or as a gallery owner in New York City.

Gillian Murphy


Gillian Murphy is a Staff Writer for The Sundial's Foreign Affairs Section. She hails from the U.S., but has spent much of her life abroad and most recently lived in Cambodia. She is a 1A Euram student, and enjoys afternoons in the park, listening to ABBA while cooking, and all things environmental.

Trinabh Banerjee


Trinabh Banerjee is a staff writer for the Foreign Affairs section of the Sundial Press. Born in Dubai and raised in the Netherlands, he joins the Sundial Press as a 1A at SciencesPo Reims. Having led his school's newspaper as Editor-in-Chief, he brings a wealth of journalistic experience to the team. When not writing, Trinabh can be found vibing to Alec Benjamin and eating copious amounts of rice pudding.

Yoann Contri


Yoann Contri is a first year Euraf student from Brittany and a staff writer in the Foreign Affairs section of your favourite media on campus. Despite reading and running a lot, and wasting a bunch of time watching shows, he will try to provide you with some good information and analysis mostly about European and African affairs.


César Almeida


César Almeida is the Anglophone Opinion Editor for The Sundial Press. After growing up in Mexico his whole life, César found his journalistic drive until moving to the Netherlands to finish his highschool education. He has written for student and regional newspapers, as well as co-founding a magazine and a newsletter. He has a personal attraction for unpopular opinions and is looking forward to the Opinion contributions to the student life of the campus.

Anaïs Chignard


Anaïs Chignard is the Francophone Editor for the Opinion section. She is from the south of France, now a 2A Euram student. If you want to see your opinion debated in The Sundial Press, don’t hesitate to send her a message.

Radaviciute Urté


Urtė is a Staff Writer in the Opinion section of the Sundial Press. Having grown up in Lithuania, she lightly treads around (and, on rare occasions, dives right into) the Eastern European student stereotype. Holding an opinion about most things in the world, especially social justice and cultural affairs, she's arguably one of the youngest members of the Bob Dylan fanbase and remains convinced that Disney's ``Ratatouille`` is actually a meta critique of capitalism.

Mélia Blanchard


Mélia Blanchard is a staff writer for the Opinion section of The Sundial Press. She comes from France and is a 1A. She was a writer in the newspaper of her high School and wants to be a journalist in France or abroad. You can talk to her and debate about environment, mode or gender equality.

Irini Spyrou (She/her)


Irini is of Irish- Greek descent but has lived her whole life in Belgium, before moving to Reims in 2020. She describes herself as a left-wing, pro-EU, ocean enthusiast, and wanting to defend women’s rights for the rest of her days. She writes about whatever she believes deserves shedding light onto. Do check out her work.

Mandhav Kacker


Madhav Kacker is a Staff Writer for Sundial’s Opinion section. He is a 1A from New Delhi. When he’s not sparking philosophical discussions at inappropriate times, he can be found jamming out to Van Morrison with friends or mourning the fate of his beloved football club.

Audrea Wang


Audrea is a 2A EURAM student in the UBC - Sciences Po Dual Degree. She grew up in Canada, meaning she refuses to ever admit to being cold despite chilly Reims winters. As an avid reader, Audrea loves to discuss and write about ideas from her favorite books, which currently include ``The Age of Surveillance Capitalism `` ,''Sapiens ``, and “How Democracies Die”.

Devika Goyal


Devika Goyal is a staff writer for the Opinion Column. She spends her time talking to new people and listening to podcasts. She is passionate about literacy and public policy. She is always open to discussing a different opinion over a cup of tea.

Sofia Prado Arenzana


Sofía, a 1A on the Dual degree with Columbia University, is a staff writer for the Opinion section of The Sundial Press. She is passionate about foreign affairs and also writes for the Columbia Political Review. Between struggles adulting and addiction perusal of CFR, she will be thrilled to debate your hot takes on her articles, Sciences Po, and current events.

Deniz Turan


Deniz Turan is a Staff Writer in the Opinion Section in the Sundial. Born and raised in Turkey, she became interested in political theory and humanities as a way to answer her questions on good governance, active citizenship, and power structures. On campus, she can often be found criticizing TV series and literature, and always welcomes critical and constructive conversation.

Léaustic Léna


Léna Léaustic is a staff writer in the French Opinion section of The Sundial Press. She is in her first year in the EURAM track. Coming from Brittany but expatriating in Arcachon, she will never refuse a glass of cider or wine. However, you will be aware of her commitment for equal opportunities and gender socialization. If you want her to write an article about you, do ask her with a cake.

Joséphine Vial


Joséphine is a staff writer for the Opinion section of The Sundial Press. She is from Normandy. She began her journalistic experience by writing for her high school's newspaper.

Dethès Tristan


Tristan is French and has always been interested in analyzing political debates and politics. Keen on talking about the right/left wings and the French ideologies and political compass, he hopes you will enjoy his article on these topics. He likes political philosophy which forms the core of some reflections about his analyses of French politics.

Luz Guerrero Carillo


Luz Guerrero is a 1A student in the Euram Program. Luz is from Mexico City, México and loves a good, long conversation or debate—anything that challenges Luz’s point of view or previous knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Muñoz Rangel Regina Isabel


Isabel considers herself a brainiac and bookworm, and a lover of historical novels and classics. Her personality revolves around cute mugs, coffee, socks, books, notebooks, and political rants.
She is passionate about feminism, ecology, and politics, and is ever excited to work with people she can learn from and learn with.

Culture and Travel

Lulu Marshall


Lulu is the anglophone Culture and Travel Editor for The Sundial. She is from London and has lived in the UK all her life. Majoring in Political Humanities, her interests manifest themselves strongly within the arts, particularly music, and art history. She loves music, writing, singing and playing piano in particular. She has previously attended the School of the New York Times, hence New York holds a special place in her heart.

Louis Ponchon


Louis Ponchon is a Culture & Travel Editor for The Sundial. He was born and raised in France but is always keen to learn about all the world’s cultures. Lately, he has fallen in love with latinoamerican literature, but is ready to commit to any book you suggest.

Lozada Julianna


Julianna Lozada is a writer for the Culture and Travel section of The Sundial Press. She was raised in Los Angeles, California and is now a 2A in the EURAM program. Julianna loves music, writing (obviously), traveling, watching films, and going to museums. In her free time, she can be seen micromanaging her Spotify playlists, playing piano, or running her coloc's Instagram account.

Valentine Canal


Valentine is a 2A in the Euram programme, majoring in Politics and Humanities. She is from Perpignan (le soleil), is fond of cinema, music, litterature and overall curious about every topic linking arts and society.

Laura Quenneville


Laura Quenneville is a second-year EURAM student from Normandy and a contributor to the Culture and Travel section of The Sundial Press. When she is not looking for some fresh ideas for articles or studying at the library, she can be found yelling some Springsteen out of her broken window for the pleasure of her neighbours or desperately trying to keep her poor plants alive (unsuccessfully). She is passionate about cinema, philosophy of ecology and (recently) feminist readings of societies.

Maria Eduarda Rezende


Jane Weber is a staff writer for the travel section of the Sundial Press. Originally born in Reunion Island and from Malagasy origins, she has lived for 2 years in Mayotte. Writing has been her passion since high school. She is a second-year student in the euram program. Journalism is one of the most challenging but exciting journeys for her yet. Curiosity will lead her work, hoping to take you to the best trip ever!

Jeanne Perrien


Jeanne Perrien is a first year Euram student and a writer for the Culture & Travel section. Born and raised in the city of lights, the love for her hometown flows through her veins just like the Seine through Paris. When she is not busy going to the movies with friends or binge watching another Netflix series (she lost count a long time ago), she will be thrilled to share with all of you her greatest passions and her latest cultural discoveries.

Jade Debski-Beyrat


Jade Debski-Beyrat is a Staff Writer for the French Culture and Travel section of the Sundial Press. She is French, has lived in the south of France her whole life and is now a 1A in the Euram program. She promises not to make too many references to the tv show Friends in her articles.

Juliette Pieraerts


Juliette Pieraerts is a staff writer for the Culture & Travel section. She is from France and is currently a 1A in Euram. She loves reading, but is most fond of watching movies, series, and recommending them to everyone.

Liséane Sabiani


Liséane comes from an agricultural town in the suburbs of Paris. Journalism has always attracted her : explaining what happens at a precise moment, providing clarifications about a particular social, economic or political trend. In her view, being in the heat of the moment is the best way to try to understand global dynamics and world issues.

Blanche Kramarz


Blanche Kramarz is a first year Euram student and French contributor to the Culture section of The Sundial Press. Originally from Paris, she is passionate about theatre even though you will never see her on stage. You will most likely find her in the old library or near the vending machines, drinking her fourth coffee of the day.

Audrey Bonn


Audrey Bonn is a staff writer in the Culture and Travel section of the Sundial Press. She left Paris to come and study in Reims, for her first year in the EURAM cursus. She's fond of cinema, books and music and she hopes she will allow you to discover new ways to travel and express yourself by sharing her passion with you. She's particularly interested in the use of art as a tool for engagement, and stays convinced that culture and travel are fundamentally important as opportunities to debate, learn and finally change the world.

Dustin Duc Thinh Duong


Dustin Duc Thinh Duong is a political scientist and artist assistant with a journalism and media background. He comes from Melbourne AU and is now based in Berlin DE, where he is pursuing a degree in political science at Freie Universität. His interests include contemporary art, experimental cinema, literature, and the politicisation of the artistic and cultural sectors. In 2020, Duong worked on an exhibition entitled The Way We Walk, a two-channel video installation about the fantasy of the Vietnamese motherland.

Andrews Lily


Lilly Andrews is a 2A student from Sonoma, California. She is in the Dual degree program with UC Berkeley and majors in Politics and Government. In the past, Lilly was the editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper, the Puma Prensa, at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa, California. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, cooking, and rollerblading.

Media Team

Isaak Popkin

Head of the Media Team

Isaak, a 2A from the US, is the head of the Media Team. He is passionate about filmmaking, photography and graphic design and their intersections with political activism.

Ning Chang


Ning Chang is an Illustrator for The Sundial Press.. A New Yorker at heart, she's finishing her 2A in the Euram program before returning as a student of the Columbia University Dual BA. She hopes to go into Law or into the art world, and you can find her either on weekend trips with Makena, trying on all the clothes in her closet, or on a quest to find a good bagel in Reims.

Audrey Morganstern


Audrey Morganstern is a Staff Videographer with The Sundial Press. Audrey grew up between Chicago and San Francisco and is a EURAM 1A. When not behind the camera, she can be found sleeping in the library or conducting literary analysis on Taylor Swift lyrics.

Michalikova Erica


Erica is a Czech-Chinese and a 1A in the Euram program. Erica is a staff Photographer for The Sundial Press. Erica loves photography.

Creative Writing

Ambihai Akilan


Ambihai Akilan is the English Creative Writing Section Editor for the Sundial Press. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, she is a first-year Tamil-Canadian in the UBC/Sciences Po Dual Degree. When she’s not editing personal essays and short stories, you can find her snapping away at poetry slams or typewriting letters to her friends. She loves laughing, a good metaphor, and riding motorcycles.

Ollivier Nolwenn


Nolwenn Ollivier is a staff writer for The Sundial Press in the Creative Writing section. She misses the sea from her native Charente-Maritime but is happy to discover a new life in Reims as a 1A in Euram. Her passion? Romanticize students' most unbelievable anecdotes.

Arethabelle Ewa Smith


Arethabelle Ewa Smith is a writer for the Creative Writing section of The Sundial Press. Originally raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Arethabelle has schooled in three different countries including the US and now France! A dedicated lover of the arts, predominantly drama, dance, and of course writing, she hopes to continue to share stories that transcend the borders of Reims.

Mathilde Requier


Mathilde Requier is a staff writer in the Creative Writing section. She is originally French, but has lived on both coasts of the United States her whole life, and asserts that the West coast is, indeed, the best coast. If she's not dancing to some rap music, she is either circling your room with some smoking incense or speaking of her future tattoo projects with you. She can not wait to be a part of Sundial Press, and welcomes you to her content.

Elektra Papathanasiou-Goldstein


Elektra is a Staff Writer in the Creative Writing section of The Sundial Press. She is a second-year Euram student at SciencesPo studying Political Humanities. She is Italian and Greek but was born in Washington D.C. and moved to Albania, Australia and Senegal before going back to the US.

Zibell Clara


Clara is a staff writer for the Creative Writing section of the Sundial Press. She is French but has lived abroad as an expat her entire life. In her free time, Clara loves to cook for herself and her friends and go on long runs. She also likes to advocate for the environment, so you might read more than just one piece with this in mind!

Vital Negroni


Vital Negroni is a writer for the Creative writing section of The Sundial Press. He is now a 2A Euram student. Born and raised in Corsica, he wants to travel after his studies. Even though you will not find him in the Sciences Po library, you may see him reading books around campus or in coffee shops.

Leonie Stork


Leonie Stork is a writer for the Creative writing section of The Sundial Press. Initially from Germany, Leonie is currently enjoying her second year in France as a Political Humanities major in the EURAM program. When she is not writing for the Sundial, you will find her pretentiously reading expressionist poetry, reciting Brecht, or attracting dirty looks from the French elderly for the stunning looks she is serving.

Candice Fleurance


Candice Fleurance is a writer for the Creative Writing section of The Sundial Press. She grew up in the city of other Sciences Po's campus, Le Havre in Normandy. She loves to read, to watch movies, cook, dance and travel. She tends ``to find her balance in excess`` as sung by Rilès. On campus, you might find her selling some vegetables for SPE or just rushing to class wearing all the colors of the rainbow. As proven, she never goes over the top.