Saga Ringmar

English-speaking Editor in Chief

Saga Ringmar is a Feature writer for The Sundial Press. When she's not writing notes on her notes on her notes for class, she's manically blasting jazz through her tiny studio apartment, or eating day-old pasta with Knacke sausages. An avid writer, you'll see Saga snooping around campus in the next two years, searching for riveting stories to share with our Sundial audience.

Alice Bello

French-speaking Editor in Chief

Alice Bello is the Francophone Editor-in-Chief of the Sundial Press. She is a Parisian New Yorker or a New Yorkan (is that a word?) Parisianer (that’s probably not a word either) whose interests include drinking coffee, reading the New York Times, and reading the New York Times while drinking coffee.

Jacob Hartley

Multimedia Editor in Chief

Jacob Hartley is a News section writer covering academic events and campus related news for The Sundial Press. Hailing from Alabama in the United States, Hartley is a first year student in the European-North American Program at Sciences Po Campus of Reims. He was Editor-in-Chief of his high school's newspaper, the BA Today.

Alina Yalmanian

Business Manager

Alina Yalmanian is a Opinion section writer for The Sundial Press. While originally from Armenia but having lived in Austria her entire life, she is a first year student enrolled in the Dual BA program with UBC.

Digital, design and advertisement

Carole-Louise Ashby

Multimedia Manager and Digital Editor

Carole-Louise Ashby is the multimedia and digital editor of the Sundial Press. Coming from an anglo-french family in the Beaujolais region, she left wine for champagne and is now a second year student in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University and Sciences Po. No matter how busy her life can get, she always makes it her priority to keep our website and social media platforms updated with new articles!

Jina Ahn

Business and advertisements

SungJin (Jina) Ahn is in charge of Business and advertisements in The Sundial Press. Although Jina is originally from South Korea, she has spent more than half of her life in Europe. Currently she is in search for her true passion as a first year student at Sciences Po Campus of Reims. As a former student president in highschool, she enjoys interacting and communicating with other people, and hopes to propose interesting ad revenues to the community.

Clara Pratelli


Clara Pratelli is an illustrator for The Sundial Press. She travelled 22000km from New Caledonia to study at Sciences Po Paris Campus of Reims in the Euro-American program. She has been drawing digitally for almost two years and created logos, posters and caricatures for associations and events.


Maria Linares


Maria Linares is the News section editor for The Sundial Press. Originally from El Salvador, she has spent part of her life abroad in Guatemala, Georgia (the country), and Uganda. She is currently a first year student at Sciences Po Campus of Reims in the Euro-American program.

Alexandra Oh


Alexandra Oh is a News section writer for The Sundial Press. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she is a first year student at Sciences Po and a part of the Dual Ba program between Columbia University and Sciences Po.

Mariam Ben Slama


Mariam Ben Slama is a News section writer covering associations and events on campus for The Sundial Press. Originally from Sousse, Tunisia Mariam is a first year student at Sciences Po Campus of Reims. She first started writing articles during her exchange year in Vermont, USA where she wrote for the school's newpaper ``The Leak`` in the international news and the advice column section.

Aurore Laborie


Aspiring journalist with one foot in France and one foot in the USA. You can find her reading, writing, running (on the rare occasions that she is not too lazy to do so), or complaining about her height while playing basketball (no 5'2 is not small, it is perfectly average, thanks very much.) She'll be the feminist frowning at sexist jokes because she can't handle them. If you find her sneaking about, she's just on her way to find the scoop of the year that will put her on the front headlines!

Anique Baillon


Anique Baillon is a News Reporter for The Sundial Press. Originally from a small-town in Canada, she is now a first year EURAM student at Sciences Po. Before working for The Sundial, she wrote a column in the Perth Courier Newspaper, reporting on events happening in her high school. While a fairly opinionated person at heart, she is here to bring you the facts you need to know, when you need to know them.

Foreign Affairs

Abigail Edwards


Abigail Edwards is the Foreign Affairs English-speaking editor and a photographer for The Sundial Press. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Abby is part of the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia and hopes to pursue a career in international law or diplomacy. She is particularly interested in the legal issues surrounding genocides, war crimes, and humanitarian intervention which she briefly studied at Stanford. Outside of Sundial, Abby is a certified yoga instructor and a part of the BDA, Expose, Sciences Portraits, and AIESEC.

Héloïse Trouvé


Héloïse Trouvé is the French-speaking editor in the Foreign Affairs section. Having grown up in Brussels, she has a passionate interest in European current issues. Addicted to caffeine, she is (obviously) very energetic and enthusiastic.

Tomás Le Louarn


Tomás Le Louarn is a writer for The Sundial Press' foreign affairs section. Born in Portugal to a french father and portuguese mother but having gone through Switzerland, the U.K and Colombia, he is to his friends an uncomprehensible mix of nationalities. His love for geography gave him the ability to know by heart nearly all of the worlds capitals, a neat party trick. Tomás is part of Sciences Po´s standard bachelor´s degree where he wishes to major in Politics and Government and further down the road specialize in international relations.

Angelica Djorkaeff


Angelica Djorkaeff is a Foreign Affairs writer, covering various conflicts around the world. Originally from France, she spent her years growing up in New York before attending Sciences Po through the Dual BA with Columbia. She was involved in her school's creative magazine, The Litmag, where she coincided Journalism and Poetry in her writing.

Mehrdad Damavandi


Mehrdad Damavandi is a Foreign Policy section writer for The Sundial Press. Originally from London in the United Kingdom, Mehrdad is an exchange student at Sciences Po Campus of Reims from the University of Warwick where he studies Politics and International Relations. At this moment in time, he is a writer for The Naked Politics GB, where he writes about politics in the United Kingdom.


Miko Lepistö


Miko Lepistö is a first-year Euram student writing a monthly Opinion column - Looney Truths - for The Sundial Press. Born and raised in Helsinki, he's ventured out to study everything, but nothing in particular, at Sciences Po. His experience in journalism consists of observing life in a city while doing his favourite activity: flâner. For him, an ideal weekend consists of nice meals prepared with love and time, a few hours spent shuffling through multiple news outlets and unhealthily large doses of sleep.

Greta Baxter


Greta Baxter grew up in Moscow, New Jersey, and Paris. Her hobbies include everything involving dessert food, hiking, reading, watching TV shows impressively fast, all while trying to get at least 3 hours of sleep. ‘No Regreta’s’ runs once every month!

Diana Glebova


Diana Glebova is an Opinion section writer for The Sundial Press. Glebova grew up in Ukraine and Minnesota and is now a first year student in the Dual BA program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. Prior to The Sundial, she was an avid writer- writing memoirs, poetry, short stories, and research.

Santiago Robledo


Santiago Robledo is a columnist for the Opinion section of The Sundial Press. He was born in Colombia but spent most of his life in southern France until coming to Reims as a first year student at Sciences Po in the Euram program. Robledo always had a passion about writing and can now concretize it with his column where you will be able to see a little bit of his life in northern rainy France.

Susanna Li


Susanna knows everything about nothing and nothing about everything, and likes to use frugality as an excuse to make poor decisions.


Blythe Edwards


Blythe Edwards is a second year student at Sciences Po Campus de Reims. An American by birth, she is a Londoner at heart. She writes for The Sundial's Travel section.

Morgane Briere


Morgane is a Toronto born, disorganized, travel junky. She always knows where her passport is but please don’t ask her to find her keys.

Isabel O'Brien


Isabel O'Brien is from New York, but not the cool part of New York. She enjoys traveling, eating, sleeping, and repeating.

Amandine Hess


The more an article makes me think out of my comfort zone, the more I enjoy reading it.
Nothing better than woko's banana nems and dancing funk in my kitchen to keep going!


Camille Ibos


Camille Ibos is the francophone Culture editor of The Sundial Press. Coming from Lyon, France, she is a first year student in the Euro-American program at Sciences Po Campus of Reims, studying political science and international relationships. She was the editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine L'Petit Mardi, where she also wrote about literature and sport, for five years.

Pauline Mornet


Pauline Mornet is a culture snob. After spending 6 years in the land down under, she tells her grandparents that she returned to France to study but really, it's for the artistic scene. Pauline can be spotted at La Comedie de Reims, nose-deep in theatre theory.

Lucas Leroy


Lucas is a passionate writer and Photographer. Always ready to share culture through his words, this bundle of energy was born in Le Havre, Normandy. Maybe Lucas’ hometown has given him a taste for good pictures and this interest has grown even more since he got to Sciences Po. This year, he is really determined to reveal the cultural richness of Reims.

Jiasi Liu


Jiasi Liu is a first year student in the Euro-American program. Originally from China, Jiasi has lived most of her life in Montreal, Canada, where she was managing-editor of her college’s newspaper, The Marianopolis PaperCut. Although she plans to pursue international law, Jiasi has a particular interest in the fine arts and hopes that she can bring visibility to student artists on campus and local artists in Reims as a writer for The Sundial’s Culture section.

Lia Lee


Lia Lee is a writer for the Culture Section of The Sundial Press. Lia is a Korean-Canadian first-year student enrolled in the Euro-American Relations program in the UBC Dual Degree. Intrigued by cultural diversity, Lia has played an active role in Canadian politics through working on the 2015 Canadian Federal Elections and interning with the Minister of International Trade, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones and also wrote advice articles for a Vancouver-based company, KEY Admissions & Learning Enrichment Strategy.

Cécile Peronnet


Cécile is a Culture writer who has chosen to focus on literary reviews. She is a Euram first year and is from Normandy in France. It might be the amount of normand authors that first lead her to read books - a lot, to think books, to dream books, well to live books basically. Her taste for writing reviews takes probably its origin in her participation to the Goncourt des Lycéens 2015. Well, whatever, she is here to try to guide you in the sweet mess which is the French edition.

Photography and Illustration

Chloé Joubert


Chloe is the Photography Editor of The Sundial Press. Originally from Clermont-Ferrand, France, she spent most of her childhood in South Carolina, USA and now is a first-year student at Sciences Po's Euro-American program. Motivated by human contact, her career aspirations waver between becoming a diplomat and running away to Afghanistan to become a photojournalist. As a child, she used to waste money on film by taking the same picture three times with her disposable Kodak. Today, she has invested into additional disk space. You can follow her blog here: https://chlosely.tumblr.com/.

Clémentine Mariani


Clémentine is a Photographer for The Sundial Press. The young woman is from the south of France but is currently studying at Sciences Po in Reims. Photography has been her passion for years, she mostly practiced it in politics, shooting campaigns. She always carries her camera looking for an unique moment to capture. She also co-founded the association Sciences Portraits.

Neyla Belmaachi


Neyla is a Photographer for The Sundial Press. She's a first year student at Sciences Po Campus of Reims, and comes from Casablanca in Morocco. There she had the chance to capture some creative photos of landscapes (not only camels please) and people, but also around the world ✈?

Claire Babok


1A Euram and curious-lively-smiling person willing to discover more and more, and to show everybody what the world has to offer!

Giancarlo di Rovasenda


Giancarlo di Rovasenda is a Photographer for The Sundial Press. Even though Giancarlo is an italian first year student who has lived in Turin for the past few years, he decided to move to Reims in order to study political science at Sciences Po whith the goal to carry on with an economy major in second year. He was part of the photography group of his school for 3 years, where he has contributed to publish 2 photo books.