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Student Rep Candidate Interviews: Marcos Castella

By October 29, 2015 No Comments
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Marcos Castella

Interviewed by Joanna Lancashire

What motivated you to run for the Student Rep position?

My experience on campus so far: I’ve really been enjoying my time here. But I do believe that there are some improvements to be done on the campus culture so as to grow as a community.

Do you have any previous experience, relevant to the Student Rep position… or not, as you prefer, that you would like to share with us?

I have no experience at all, but I’ve worked as an intern in government.

What challenges are you expecting to overcome as a Student Rep?

The challenge lies in the “status quo” regarding associations. I think there should be another layer of associations which wouldn’t require credits, so that they wouldn’t be so academically oriented, maybe. It would make it easier for people to start a club for the sake of it and not just for the credits. Similarly, I want to enable students to play sports without specifically being part of the team, because it requires a lot of commitment…Complying with the Administration will be challenging. For instance, we should make it possible for students to express themselves through art, and allow a “student footprint” on campus, which can sometimes feel a bit sterile and academic.

What do you think about the Student Rep campaigning process?  

Three days is probably a bit too short for someone to promote both himself and his ideas; and the fact that the debate is right before the election doesn’t leave that much time for someone to fully express his ideas.

What is unique about your platform?

I would like to create a stronger sense of the campus culture, by celebrating the diversity of our student body. We had the Canada day, so we should have more of these kind of events and celebrate the fact that we come from different places. It would remind us that this not just a place to study, but also a place where we can learn from each other, and develop oneself through associations and sports. In a word, increase the liveliness of the campus and promote its multiculturalism.

In three words, what is the role of a Student Rep?

I believe that a student rep is somebody who we can get along with, who is able to make the students feel welcomed and at home. So yes, someone accessible and who makes you feel comfortable.

Miscellaneous question: what are you the proudest of in your hometown?

Well I come from maybe the most boring place on earth (Dallas), so by coming at Sciences Po I wanted to experience different culture and languages, and I’m really happy of being in this multiculturalist campus. Yet I think that in this international environment we often forget that we come from different countries because we exclusively speak in English or in French, thus the need to emphasize the different cultures on campus.

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