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Carte Jeune vs Blablacar: which suits you best?

By September 11, 2017 No Comments

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Being a student doesn’t mean remaining static. In order to occasionally return to your hometown or travel for a weekend, you’ll need to choose between various available transport options, and the Sundial is here to help you by comparing the advantages of the Carte Jeune and Blablacar.

Advantages of the Carte Jeune:

  • 30% discount on any train travel with a reservation (TGV and Intercités)
  • 25% or 50% discount, depending on the period of time, on any train travel without a reservation (TER and Intercités)
  • Ability to work while traveling
  • Your own personal space
  • No luggage size constraint
  • In some cases, faster than Blablacar
  • More stable and predictable schedules (you can plan in advance)
  • Access to last minute tickets discounts that can be very useful for a spontaneous trip

Advantages of Blablacar (carpooling website):

  • Relatively cheaper than the train (with Carte Jeune)
  • No subscription or prepayment required
  • Possibility to meet new people and pass time by talking, depending on the driver’s friendliness
  • Possibility of asking for a detour and benefitting from a door to door travel
  • Possibility to contact and arrange with the driver in case of a last minute impediment
  • On your profile, you can select your preferences in relation to music volume, presence or lack of pets, smoking and even willingness to chat
  • The drivers are evaluated by their previous passengers on their driving and punctuality, and you can find users’ comments on their carpooling experience
  • Blablacar also exists for travel beyond French borders and within other European countries

Other criteria that must be taken into account:

  • Your specific trajectory

If you want to go from Reims to Le Havre, there are no direct train lines, and you have to switch trains in Paris. In this case, Blablacar may be a better option since it will take the same amount of time, or less, and will turn out cheaper

  • Personal preferences

If you want to work or just maintain a degree of privacy, the train might be preferable. In case, you enjoy meeting people outside of SciencesPo, then Blablacar is your opportunity.

  • Having the Carte Jeune doesn’t prevent you from using Blablacar from time to time, since it doesn’t require any subscription

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