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Student Rep Candidate Interviews: Julia Burnham

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Julia Burnham

Interviewed by Joanna Lancashire

What motivated you to run for student rep?

To be honest, I had a pretty rough first couple of months here, but what renewed my faith and that I belonged at this campus was the people of this campus, so that’s why I want to be student rep. I want to serve the people who instilled that faith in me and as well I want to make sure that we’re able to have the best experience in these next two years and that we can work together to make change.

Do you have an previous experience in your run for student rep?

My pervious experience, like pretty much that everyone thats running; I was probably president of X, Y, Z club in high school so that’s why that hasn’t been a focus of what I’ve been trying to tell the student body. I’ve been presidents of student council associations and worked a lot with the administration in my high school so I feel like I have the right sort of skills to do this job and as well I’ve worked with lots of organisations. I worked with the world federation of UN associations as an ambassador for North America and then with Best Delegate, so lots of communication roles so I think I’m up for the job.

If you’re elected, what sort of challenges do you foresee you might run into?

I’ve noticed a lot of the other campaigns have been promising, you know, microwaves and fixing the printer and I think that’s something that’s been so relevant in Beaverly Hills that the student reps haven’t been able to fix yet. Obviously there’s issues there with trying to get the administration on board with that kind of change which is why that hasn’t manifested yet or been part of my platform. I’ve been more trying to be the champion of your ideas and I can’t make any promises because none of us really know what we’re getting into, we just haven’t had enough time here to deal with that yet.

What do you think of the campaign process?

The student rep campaign process has been super intense and fun, all the Facebook events and the notifications on my behalf, but it’s very much been a social media focus campaign  which has been pretty fun. At the same time I can sense that many people are growing tired of it, but I think the length of the campaign is pretty good. But it’s been a really fun time and I’ve been able to learn a lot more about the people in the student body so it’s been great.

What is most unique about your platform?

I think what’s most unique is how I’m advocating for more student support services , I’m not promising anything but I’m really trying to make sure that our student body is better equipped to deal with the sort of stresses that university offers. Beginning of the year we had the sexual assault seminar which I understand was an initiative of the student reps last year. I want to be able to do more things like that with more focus on mental health, coping with stress. These sorts of things that we have to deal with as university students here and don’t necessarily have the support for her.

If you could sum up in 3 words what the role of the student rep is?

Bridge of communication.

What are you most proud of about your hometown?
I’m from Toronto, so the home of Drake and all things awesome.

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