Partnership: The Sundial Press x Distinguished Lecture Series

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By Enrique Olivo and Alexia Pierre

Do we have answers? Never, but we have discussions.

It may not always be your first choice after a long Wednesday full of desperate essay writing and intensive presentations to re-enter the amphitheater at 5:30 and listen to another lecture. There are times when you only dream of your bed and of freeing your mind from academics. No. The goal of DLS has never been to bore you.

We invite you, one evening a week, to learn about contemporary dynamics and phenomena, to discuss specific issues, whether political, social or societal, and finally to share your opinion with highly qualified specialists. DLS is for you if you are longing to get your finger on more concrete and day to day issues that are not necessarily tackled in Political Theory or Microeconomics!

However, we also know how stressful and demanding your weeks are, and we know when you need a relaxing talk on a more recreational subject! Inviting the creator of VDM (FML for you English speakers), or welcoming the mayor last year with a nice cocktail at the end were pretty fun and interesting experiences. Admit it.

The Distinguished Lecture series aims at inviting influential guest speakers –from various backgrounds – to our beloved Reims campus, international and multidisciplinary, to share their knowledge and experiences on important topics covering all aspects of contemporary European and North American societies, as much as broadening to the entire world and African continent. Indeed, we believe that as students, we have much to learn from experience of the diverse professionals and specialists we invite.

We are increasingly working on organizing interactive and informal discussions with our guests, so that each of you may receive as much as possible from those post-class sessions in a decontracted atmosphere. The conversation we had this week with one of our dear professors (whom you may probably have come across around campus) Professor Dungan, is a perfect example. Is America Increasingly Irrelevant? is a theme that you might have asked yourself or read about previously. DLS provided the opportunity to express your opinions and ask an expert about it.

The DLS team has concocted a nice and diversified program for you this year! After a

slow start and a focus on academic field, with some of our professors, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our upcoming lectures!

So we await you on our Wednesdays DLS sessions! From 5:30 to 7:00 in I202 or I302!

Our team:

Logistics : Abinav, Ethel and Nicole

Communication: Marianna, Annie and Francesca

Treasury: Chloé and Anton

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