Watch Out for Halloweek Events on Campus!

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Aurore Laboire: What are the goals of Transatlantique?

Antonin Gabion: Transatlantique is an association dedicated to putting transatlantic relations in the spotlight, with a focus on the Franco-American relationship….We try to bring a little bit of America on campus, on the social side, of course, with the popular American celebrations, but we also try to organize events that are more academic, around political or economic themes for instance.


AL: What events and projects that you are planning for this year?

AG: On the social side, we have a one-day trip to Versailles coming up,  and we will be organizing a Thanksgiving dinner in the old refectory together with The Arlington Society, a partner association from Reims. More information on this will come very soon!

We also have ongoing projects for academic events: we’re doing biweekly discussions on Thursdays with Mr. Jeff Hawkins, a former US ambassador, around domestic policy themes. Last week we covered Brett Kavanaugh and the next one will be after the break and we’ll probably cover the results of the US midterm election.

Photo: Clémentine Mariani

AL: Tell us about Halloweek. What is your goal for this week-long event?

AG: Our goal…. is that it helps [people] relax and forget a bit about work. The last two weeks have been stressful and busy for everyone with midterms, so we’re hoping this week-long return to childhood can help them cruise smoothly towards the break.


AL: How did you come up with the idea?

AG: Obviously, Transatlantique and the BDE already did it last year and we felt it was important to continue organizing this event since it is very appreciated on campus. Halloween is a such a popular celebration and especially in the US, so it was only natural we’d organize an event for that!

Photo: Clémentine Mariani


AL: What events are planned throughout the week?

AG: On Monday we had a pumpkin carving workshop, on Tuesday we [had] a Halloween-themed photobooth… We’re also selling packs of candy for students to give to friends, you can also write a little note of appreciation to go with the treats. We will deliver them all on Thursday, so be ready to receive some love! We also have 3 movie screenings planned at the end of each day, we’ll have 2 movies for the lovers of horror movies (Jaws and It) and a sweet Charlie Brown cartoon so you can go back to your childhood. The BDE also organized a new event, the “Drink or Treat” as well as a bar night at La Verrière, so be sure to check that out!


AL: Were the Halloweek events difficult to organize?

AG: Some things took a little bit of time, such as finding the pumpkins…but I’d say the hardest but funniest thing was making the packs of candy. It was an intense hour and a half of work, but the mood was cheerful so that really helped!

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