Much more than a party bureau: an interview with the Association Sportive

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Aurore Laboire: Can you present the team this year?

Luca Richardson: A great team of athletes and enthusiasts, 11 nationalities and 23 different perspectives:  Camille, Diego, Melissa, Paul, Romaric, Zoe, Ingrid, Zelie, Alexandre, Luca, Angelica, Yann, Sevrin, Clara, Saskia, Fanny, Olna, Tidora, Benjamin, Arthur, Kilian, Guille and Eve.

Si mignon. Photo credits: AS.


AL: How were the AS babies chosen?

LR: We recruited 1As and exchange students into the bureau as a whole (and not by pole). Considering the value that we give to cohesive teamwork, we passed the interviews together. Saskia, Fanny, Olna, Tidora, Benjamin, Arthur, Kilian, Guille and Eve have already started working on wonderful projects for the campus this year.

1As for interviews. Photo credits: AS.


AL: How is the bureau different from the previous years?

LR: I feel a special creativity within the team this year. We are trying to escape the perhaps more traditional conception of sport. This bureau will be more engaging and imaginative than previous Associations Sportives.


AL: What are your projects and ideas of events for this year?  

LR: Before beginning the second semester, we’ll… be taking 159 people to Vars for the annual ski trip. For the February break, we are planning a Surf Trip to Morocco. In March we’ll host a WEIC here in Reims as a last preparation before the Minicrit in Le Havre at the end of the year. In April, we are also preparing a new Sports Week celebrating the diversity and value of sports. In May, before the Minicrit, we are hoping to throw a party with the BDA again.


AL: What new partnerships for sports have you been able to do in Reims?

LR: Through the AS this year, students are now able to play at the tennis club, swim, run track, and rock climb!


AL: The AS is often rumored to be just a bureau that organizes parties, is this the case this year?

LR: This is unfair and untrue. The AS is in charge of much more than parties. I encourage students to sign up for a spot at the next WEIC, to see this. Register for the Surf trip! Or, just come to our weekly runs with Yann. Do some yoga with Eve on Wellness Wednesdays. Check out the WellnAS blog. Participate in our Sports Week during the second semester.

In addition to all that the Events and Wellness poles do for the campus, much of what the Sports Development team does goes unnoticed as well. They coordinate and prepare much of the administrative business that allows the sports teams on campus to be able to practice, play and compete.


AL: Is there a way for people not in the executive branch of the AS to get involved with the bureau?

LR: We do not have the same system of adherents as SPE, but we do work often with other associations, captains and individuals motivated for partnerships to expand the reach of athletic life on campus. We would love to get anyone’s input on what could be done to still improve the bureau and sports at Sciences Po. Everyone should feel comfortable coming to any of the AS members to voice ideas!


AL: What is the AS’ relationship with the other Bureaus?  

LR: It is great, much love to the other bureaus. We worked really well together during the integration week and we have a few projects in the works for the rest of the year.

Photos: courtesy of the Association Sportive

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