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BDA List: Who Art You?

Aurora Hawcroft, President, interviewed By Alexandra Junge


Introduce yourself and tell me a fun fact about yourself

Hi I’m Aurora Hawcroft and I’m from Australia. I’m born on New Years Day and I have a pet turtle. I am currently accepting donations of sleep, coffee, and peanut butter.

Why did you want to join the BDA?

Well, I joined the baby BDA last year mainly because art plays a really big role in my life. Wherever you are it’s so important for me to find the culture and artistic side of who you are surrounded by. Therefore, when I came to Reims I wanted to both show my art and access everyone’s artistic side on campus

What is behind your BDA name: Who Art You?

We want to evolve the art on campus, and not just be there for those who already know that they’re artistic, but for those that don’t know that they have an artistic side yet. That is why our name is Who Art You – because it makes people think about who they are from an artistic perspective. It’s about helping people find their identity and sparking that artistic side in everyone.

How would you describe your team?

Dynamic, multi-talented, extremely hard working, a bit weird, and eclectic. When we put the list together, we wanted to put people in the respective poles they were passionate about and really loved. We really wanted people that are passionate, and we think this will be contagious. I think we’re working really well together and becoming really close.

How do you see the BDA evolve over the next year?

The BDA did a great job last year but we want to be more active, especially in terms of night events next year. We all also saw how FDA was absolutely amazing, it really showed off the artistic capacity on campus and we really want to showcase this from the start of the very beginning of the school year. We want to showcase all kinds of music and find new venues. Additionally, with the new buildings we will have more access to music and art rooms, which we will monitor and we want to ensure they are going to be used to their full extent. We want to be known as a community on campus that is fun, accessible, and approachable for everyone!

What has been your favorite part of campaign week so far?

*Laughs nervously* Besides the rap battle I had with Pr. Muldoon, I couldn’t just say one event. Honestly, at this point we are all so sleep deprived, but it has been so lovely to see everyone in the glass hallway and at the events everyday, and really putting their heart and soul into their work. I love how it’s bringing out a sense of community on campus and within the groups.

How does not having a competing list influence your campaign?

We’ve not let it influence the campaign because we want to put in all our effort. We want to show how we will be as a BDA. We have also collaborated with all the other lists for at least one event and I have to say it’s been great to get to know the other lists, and I’m sure whoever gets elected will do great next year.

What kind of BDA president do you want to be?

Within our team I want to be approachable, and a leader that can co-ordinate everyone’s ideas. On campus, I want to be someone who represents the international scene and just works on mixing a wide variety of people on campus. I just really want to show people great art and think outside the box. For me, it’s all about the arts and I just want to showcase this in the best way possible.

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