Transatlantique and BDE Bring Halloween Spirit to Campus

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By Alexandra Oh

Halloween season is approaching, and with it will come pumpkin carving and costume contests, courtesy of the student association Transatlantique. The organization, which is in Reims for its second year, has the goal of promoting North American culture on campus. Co-president Vicky Masson, Euram 2A,  says that Transatlantique does this “through social events revolving around important traditions of Americans such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, the Superbowl.” They also host more formal events, such as conferences and debates, where students can discuss and learn about the politics of North America and transatlantic relations.


Transatlantique and the BDE organized Halloweek

Halloween is a huge tradition in America. Isabel O’Brien, a first year student from upstate New York, says that she loves Halloween because of the “entire aesthetic of October: the caramel apples, hayrides, falling leaves, and classic movies.” She also expressed her sadness about Halloween in France, because no one decorates their houses and there aren’t any fall-themed festivals like the ones in her hometown.

Carole-Louise Ashby, a first year student from France, says that she has “the impression that Halloween has been losing its popularity in France recently, which is such a shame. Although to be honest, now it is mostly a day in the year when I have an excuse to eat sweets while watching horror movies all night with my friends!” Halloween isn’t as prolific a holiday in France, which is part of the reason why Transatlantique is trying to promote it.

Because Halloween is so largely celebrated in America, Transatlantique decided to organize events in partnership with the student bureau (BDE). While the actual date of Halloween is during the fall break, Transatlantique and the BDE decided to host events the week prior, so that “1As who are studying for their midterms can still pass by and carve a pumpkin or have fun by putting on their best costume with cool prizes to win,” says Vicky Masson. A week of events revolving around Halloween started last Monday. Students have been party to trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, a costume contest, and a movie screening the days leading up to fall break.




Photos: Clémentine Mariani//The Sundial Press



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