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L’AppArt Cafe: A hidden gem of Reims’ music scene

By December 22, 2017 No Comments

L’AppArt Café in Reims. Photo: Félix Lesage//L’AppArt Café Facebook Page

By Katie Jones

As entertaining as the Ernest Hemingway is, there is nothing more satisfying than finding a new, lively spot to explore in Reims. L’Appart Cafe may be a little farther out of town than the bars of Place d’Erlon, but it is definitely worth the walk (or bus journey, if you wish). Should you decide to venture out to Avenue de Laon, you will be pleasantly surprised by a small but chic venue hosting gigs in a range of diverse genres from punk to electro.


If you’re looking for a culturally rich night out in Reims, an eclectic atmosphere or a place to open your eyes to genres and artists that you may never have encountered previously, then L’Appart Cafe is the place to be. Open every day (excluding Sunday) from 6:00 p.m.-12:30 a.m. (with extended hours on the weekend), L’Appart has a lively atmosphere that gradually builds in intensity as the night progresses.


You will often find the place abuzz with both students and locals, the composition of which largely depending on who is playing and, of course, the night of the week. With the atmosphere L’Appart’s diverse composition encourages, it is exceedingly easy to meet new people regardless of who they are or where they are from, over reasonably priced drinks and live music.


Even better, the venue hosts a variety of free (or, alternatively, low cost) gigs. This means that a typical evening at the hideaway tends to follow a similar general pattern. Here is what to expect, should you decide to spend your night there. On entrance you will find a cozy venue with a varied but chic decor, illuminated by edgy lighting. Normally, the small but friendly cafe will be packed with equally friendly concert-goers. Any problems? The welcoming staff of L’Appart will be able to give you a hand. Once you’ve settled in and purchased a reasonably priced beer (in a plastic cup if you wish to drink outside at some point), you will come face to face with the artist(s) playing when you are dancing the night away, right by the stage. If it’s an intimate, engaging gig that you are looking for, L’Appart has the answer.


“What will I be dancing to?,” you might ask. L’Appart hosts a range of gigs each month, which cover nearly every cutting edge genre between them. Punk, rock n roll, psyche, rock, pop, ‘noise’, coldwave, electro, rap and indie music have all been played over the past few months at the venue.


At the end of September, L’Appart hosted the up and coming Brooklyn rapper Chelsea Reject, prior to the release of her latest EP. This guaranteed the crowd a free night of U.S. Hip Hop, which was accompanied by a vibrant atmosphere. Only a couple of weeks later, the venue was host to an Electro night ‘MixTape Trance + Mat&Brillant’. This featured music from numerous artists coming straight from the OZORA Festival 2017. The stellar composition lit up the night with trance and techno mixes. It is clear from these gigs alone that L’Appart caters for a variety of tastes, importing artists from all over the world to keep its appeal strong.


On top of its Monday night ‘Jam Sessions’ L’Appart has several gigs on the horizon before the Sciences Po winter break. Whilst L’Appart’s promo team struggle to reach out to SP students at times, the easiest way to stay up to date on upcoming concerts is to keep an eye on the venue’s Facebook page. Even better, by regularly visiting, whether it be simply for a beer or to watch a gig, the accommodating staff will of course keep you updated on any events to take place over the coming weeks.


As much as L’Appart is famed for its eclectic live music, if you’re simply looking for a new place to hang out over a few drinks with friends, the venue is equally as good at providing this. With a daily Happy Hour from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., why not head over there after a long day at Sciences Po? For a start, you won’t be out of pocket with the student-friendly prices L’Appart offers. On top of this, the inviting atmosphere may tempt you to stay out for longer, especially if a gig is planned for later that night.


L’Appart Cafe will host a range of artists this winter. For further information, you can visit their Facebook page or drop by 9 Avenue de Laon, Reims to explore the venue for yourself.

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