By Alexandra Oh

AS members. Source: Facebook account “Asso Sportive”


In a city where there are four patisseries on any given street, keeping active is important. No one knows this better than the Association Sportive (AS), the sports association of Sciences Po Campus of Reims. Led by president Maria Gillin and vice-president Gautier Merit, the AS has big plans for this year. Their goal is to bring everyone on campus together, whether they are football fanatics or croissant connoisseurs.


The AS works with the administration of Sciences Po to constantly improve and increase students’ opportunities to play, watch, and be involved with sports. They organize competitions and are in constant communication with team captains regarding equipment and possible events. They also collaborate with sports associations on all of Sciences Po’s campuses to organize weekend tournaments, like the one that took place this past November, where the basketball, volleyball, rugby, and soccer teams headed to Poitiers to face off against Sciences Po Nancy, Le Havre, and Poitiers. The AS intends to keep organizing more weekend competitions where students from different campuses can get the chance to compete and get to know each other.


Interested in joining the team? The AS comprises 22 people, with eight new first year students recruited at the start of this year. Towards the end of the second semester, you will have the opportunity to form a list and campaign for AS membership, similar to the BDE elections. Gillin encourages students of both years to join, noting the importance of 1As who carry out the vision and continue to foster a long-standing tradition of enthusiasm and community. At AS, there is a place for everyone; this year, they have formed new partnerships with rowing, tennis, judo, and wrestling teams and hope to encourage wider participation in all fields.


With these new additions, this year’s events will be fun on an even bigger scalethe January 2018 ski trip to the Alps over the last week of holidays was double the size of last year’s, with 106 participants. AS supports a bursary fund which aims to ensure that everyone who is interested has a place. This year, French and international students joined Sciences Po on the slopes to let loose and clear their minds before returning to problem sets and presentations. Those who were apprehensive about throwing themselves down icy mountain cliffs enjoyed other group activities, such as ice skating at a slightly more familiar velocity.


Back in Reims, there are many more events to come. AS aims to set down stronger roots in Reims and get Sciences Po involved and active by organizing more events around town like ping pong tournaments and bar nights. Through these events, they hope to help people find their inner athlete, whether that means discovering your surprising talent for badminton or cultivating an environment of sportsmanship and inclusivity.


If you’re interested in learning more about AS, joining a team, or attending one of the many events to come, follow them on Facebook under the name Asso Sportive.

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