ASAP – List for AS

Interview by Jacob Hartley and Aurore Laborie

President: Julie 

Vice President: Elena Rohrwasser

The ASAP Facebook page can be found here.


What do you want them to know ? What do you propose to do exactly, and how ?

Our first proposition is to digitalize the sports association, by pursuing the development of our website. The goal is to give students as much informations as possible concerning sports they can practice, while highlighting the athletes of our campus in some interviews that will be held in partnerships with some people from Sciences Portraits. It is really important for us to give visibility to the sports, so we intend to create an Awards gala, rewarding students initiatives and sports’ wins. Moreover, we aim to open the access to international competitions, as well as the championship of the grandes écoles, by giving sports the means to achieve it. Finally, it is primordial for us to be present both on campus and in the city, thanks to our several partnerships (Reims Stadium, Carrefour Market, Lunchschool…).


What do you intend to change from this year to next year, if you were to succeed the election ?

We truly believe that sport is a vector of integration and sharing. If we’re elected, we plan to organise triplétades at the beginning of the year, and a reduced price trip based on sports activities for exchanges students during their first week in Reims. The international aspect of sport is a key point to our project, so we provide the establishment of an international week of sport on campus, with several conferences and activities on a principle of a continent per day. Furthermore, we’d promote the diversity of the ways to make sport by opening the access to new sports credited, as well as a second football team, and sensibilize students about basic first aid by offering them the PSC1 formation. We could also study the possibility of creating an e-sport team for the campus. But we want to reassure you, we will not change everything and our measures could only improve the existing AS.


What are some events you want to highlight that your list will offer this week ?

We will be organizing a morning routine everyday on campus, from yoga to salsa, passing through just dance and muscle building. We, of course, have many sports events, which will be detailed in the next few days. However, ASAP also knows to party, which is why have some great parties for you guys. To give a few names, we’ll organize a block party, the Atrium x Casa De Papel night and also we have a huge surprise that is coming for the next week end and that you don’t want to miss. Trust us. Finally, as we said earlier, we want to introduce you to brand new sports. That is why we will be proposing some initiations to sports that were never seen on campus, like golf, diving, stand up paddle or ultimate frisbee. And all that for free…


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