Make the Most of your Next Layover at CDG

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By Lorraine Fabre

Whether we like it or not, sometimes the stars don’t align and we must face the much-dreaded long connection times when travelling. Like most, I tend to make a beeline to my gate at the airport, plop myself down in a seat, and watch Netflix or go on my phone. Exceptionally, if I am in the mood to exert more mental energy, I’ll read a book – but emphasis must be placed on the word “exceptionally” here.

So instead of being predictable and resorting to electronics during your next flight or train connection at Charles de Gaulle Airport (every Reims Sciences Piste’s favourite airport), try something new! Here are a couple ideas which are sure to get you up from your seat at the gate:

  • Expand your knowledge of art by visiting the museum space in terminal 2E. With sculptures and paintings from the capital’s renowned museums, going to Paris is no longer a requirement to get your fill of French art. Entrance is free.

  • If you’re in terminal 2E, why not make the most of it by going to the Instant Paris lounge, complete with couches and a library (à la parisienne, of course). Here you can read from one of their 300 international publications, or walk through a 3D simulation of Paris.

  • Instant Paris is also home to YotelAir, where travellers can rent a room for a couple hours or one night. For those who don’t have that long, there are shower amenities available for 15 euros. Remember though, the hotel is only available to those going on an international trip.

  • Revive your inner child and play games in one of the ‘80s inspired arcades, with classics like Pacman and Space Invaders. These arcades are located in hall L, K and 2G. For those who don’t want to go back in time, Playstation consoles can be found in all terminals.

  • Buy a coffee and a croissant in the quintessentially French café Paul. It’s the best place for people watching. Sure, the scenery isn’t as nice as a Parisian café or brasserie, but CDG certainly has an abundance of interesting international travellers.
  • Consider taking a stroll in the duty free stores and if your student budget allows, buy a last minute French souvenir for a friend. Chocolates, champagne, and perfume never disappoint!

Who said layovers had to be boring? Don’t be afraid to spice up your next layover in CDG, but  remember not to miss your flight!


Lorraine is a first year student in euram, originally from Vancouver, Canada, but with a French background. An avid traveller, Lorraine has travelled through most of North America, Europe, and the Middle East, but she has a soft spot for the West Coast (the best coast). In her free time, Lorraine enjoys skiing, catching up with friends over coffee, and reading.


Featured Photo: by Lorraine Fabre

Article Photos: www.parisaeroport.fr and airfrance.fr

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