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3 O’Clock Thought In The Library

By November 6, 2019 No Comments

Elisa Vovos


Open books, blue paper and a pen on the side of the table

Tired eyes, a cup of coffee, an apple next to a computer cable

Earbuds, a phone, a coloured pencil case, 

and behind this picture, a green and pale face. 


It is the scene of pure despair, 

A student,  gasping for air, 

Looking around, feigning efforts

But in reality, a loser of all sorts. 


All around him, a horde of people, 

An arena really, and he feels a cripple, 

Inferior to all, drowning in the sea

But there is one thing he does not see: 


All around him, pale faces and green even

Feigning effort, feeling beaten, 

And the whole scene is a comedy

Each player sick, looking for a remedy.

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