1st Writing Competition of the Sundial Press

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Latest info from the editorial board: We’ve received many questions regarding the style of the essay and I think the editorial board has come to the agreement that there is not one preferred structure or style we want you to write in – just write your best essay, however that may come! The only strict requirement is that you use proper grammar and vocabulary. Both English and French articles are accepted.


The Sundial Press would like to open its first writing competition based on two themes: public debate and missed connections. The competition opens today, February 2nd, and will stay open until Monday February 24th, 9pm/21h. Submissions may be submitted to asso.sundial@sciencespo.fr, and the document title should have your name and the competition you’re participating in. Results will be announced Saturday, February 29th and the winners will receive a bottle of champagne and a sundial t-shirt. May the best writer win!

Essay: As the 21st century began the world experienced a couple of seismic shifts in how debates unfold in the public domain. Social media, partisanship, and the rise in inequality rendered opposing camps unable to communicate and get their arguments across to the other side. As the polarization we experience nowadays creeps ever farther what are we to do to reverse this change?

Please respond to the following prompt: “As political fragmentation and societal polarization have rendered public debate almost nonexistent what is the best way to once again start listening to each other’s opinion and ideas in the public forum?”

Creative Writing: Write a poem, a short story or prose based on the theme: Missed connections

If you have any questions please contact Sophie Harrington, sophie.harrington@sciencespo.fr.

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