The Games are Over! New Houses Take Over the Realm


By Jurek Wille

     Wednesday’s proclamation of the 2020 Campaign Week results was overshadowed by unexpected news: the indefinite cancellation of Campaign Week on campus. Anne-Charlotte Amaury, Head of Student Life, decided to discontinue it after receiving daily messages of blunt and personal criticism.

Regardless of future consequences, this very unusual online Campaign Week did result in new Houses taking over the kingdoms and working for the Andals and the First (Wo)Men to ensure a vivid student life for the 2020-2021 academic year. The 809 students who voted (853 in 2019), provide considerable legitimacy to the winning lists who will become next year’s four permanent bureaus.

Despite the fact that the week is over, The Sundial Press reached out to the winning lists to hear from themselves which promises they will prioritize for the upcoming school year. Read below the responses from each of the permanent bureaus and find out what students can expect from their bureaus and what to hold them accountable for:

Association Sportive (AS): GenASis

The race for the AS, as was the case for the previous school year, was neck in neck until the very end. Winning by a margin of only 47 votes (386 to 339), GenASis beat Alcartr’AS and will become our new Association Sportive. Spearheaded by Eva Lecomte (EURAF) and Marco Gerbino (EURAM), the ‘family’ promises to start by throwing their weight(s) behind these promises:


1. Within the Communication Pole, a new post will communicate events, recommendations and team results to the students in order to strengthen the overall sports culture on campus. As well as providing articles and publications about different subjects and figures about the past and current state of sports.

2. The creation of a Well-Being Pole which will organize biweekly yoga, meditation, and massage sessions. Furthermore, students will be given the opportunity to participate in first-aid classes to pass the Prevention et Secours Civique 1 (PSC1).

3. Lastly, the AS promises to bring new events to campus, namely a pool party in collaboration with the BDE, diving and the possibility to become a certified scuba diver, self-defense classes on campus, and a Survivor Weekend at the beginning of the Fall semester.

Find here a detailed list of their promises and all their members.


Bureau des Arts (BDA): BDA Records

Next year’s jousts will be organized by BDA Records, who won with a lead of 150 votes to Draw the Cards (447 to 297). The cards were in the Records’ favour. Elisabeth Lorton (EURAF) and Sacha Coquerel (EURAM) will represent the BDA as co-presidents at small council meetings and pursue the following goals to bring culture and art to the student of the Reims campus:


1. The BDA promises to make art a pARTy. Students can expect multicultural events for everyone ranging from a Coachella Remoise Festival, to classic events and a post-final party.

2. Access to arts and culture will be democratized by extending already partnerships, i.e. with la Comedie and le Menage, to ensure student-friendly prices. Moreso, the BDA is planning to extend the opportunities by holding escARTades across France and organizing a Spring Break trip to Florence.

3. Finally, student artists will be offered necessary materials through their very own BDA label that will evolve around direct personal feedback or through social media.

Find here a detailed list of their promises and all their members.


Bureau des Élèves (BDE): StreamBDE

Sidenote: for the first time, The Quarterly predicted the wrong winner. You know nothing The Quarterly. 

Rania Abdoulrassoul (EURAF) and Cyril Estier’s (EURAM) of House StreamBDE won the battle of Reims Campus against the southernmost kingdom, Sciences P’Oasis and the Targaryen sub-branch BirDE. While the latter warbled the loudest, their dragons had their wings clipped early by losing 70 votes ahead of election day through non-compliance with Campaign rules. Next year, students will therefore be entertained by StreamBDE.

Spoiler alert: The second season will be based on these three promises:


1. Given the circumstances and depending on approval by the maire de Reims, the BDE will commit to a Pre-Integration Day for current 1As before the 0As arrive and a 2A disintegration for those who can make it. These days will be centered around fun activities, such as paintball and a barbecue.

2. The diversity on the campus allows for much opportunity that is currently missed. Consequently, the BDE will create a buddy program matching students eager to learn about each other’s language and culture. As well, an International Week will be held with each day being dedicated to a region and promoting their culture in cooperation with a cultural association, but also collaborating with ASPA to help the two programs grow closer together.

3. StreamBDE implemented a new team: Student life & Well-Being. Directed by Tilda Nilsson Giege, they are dedicated to every student´s welfare and mental health by implementing regular and intimate events on campus to discuss topics ranging from healthy sexual attitudes to nutrition with certified professionals. Furthermore, they will hold monthly office hours, create a wellbeing platform and send out anonymous google forms to evaluate the status of campus and promote a healthy harmony on campus by relieving stress and anxiety.

Find here a detailed list of their promises and all their members.


Sciences Po Environment (SPE): Greengage

Running unopposed, House Greengage from the Reach will direct eco-friendliness on the small council. Chaired by Alix Ardore (EURAM) and Sébastien Negrier (EURAF), these green engagements are what students have been promised will be worked on, seven days a week, even on Friday´s:


1. Greengage promises transparency and to connect student ideas to their own. For that, they will make mailboxes available on campus and online that will be discussed in reunions and AGs with the students. The SPE wants to extend participation to any student volunteer.

2. The café écolo has been a success and even though its continuity will be difficult, the SPE promises to do its best to maintain it.

3. The restructuring of poles and therefore the creation of Culture and Actions poles will provide students with monthly debates and conferences.

Find here a detailed list of their promises and all their members.


© Campaign Week Committee

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