t 11 am on 6/11/23 student union representatives were invited to an emergency meeting in Paris to discuss the ongoing situation regarding Mathias Vicherat. The Sundial Press has received several updates regarding this meeting, as well as public statements by student unions on their positions regarding this crisis.

Regarding the meeting, a union representative in attendance stated that there was one notable absence: Vicherat himself! Neither he nor his director of cabinet was present in the meeting to discuss the domestic abuse allegation against him, immediately limiting the utility of the meeting. Moreover, the administration focused only on the blocage rather than the administration’s plans, with the union representative stating: “They promised us discussion but there’s no discussion. It’s a monologue, where they tell us they don’t know anything and tell us they condemn the blocages

While the various student unions have recently found common ground over their opposition to fee raises, they have put out varied statements regarding this crisis. All the unions (except Uni) have released statements condemning violence against women in strong terms, as well as Vicherat’s most recent statement to Sciences Po. However, when it comes to attitudes to blocage of the Paris campus there is a split between the unions who condemn the blocage (Uni and Nova) and those who participated in it/ supported it (Unef, Union Étudiante, Solidaires and AER). Moreover, the same split emerges regarding what actions Sciences Po should take regarding the scandal. Unef, Union Étudiante, Solidaires and AER are calling for Vicherat’s immediate suspension by the FNSP and his resignation, while Nova and Uni argue for waiting for the court’s decision.

At 11 am on 7/11/23 another meeting is to be held with student union representatives regarding Vicherat’s stint in custody, this time with the man himself in attendance. However, Union Étudiante and AER have already stated that they will boycott this and Poitiers is currently being blocaged. It seems that many positions are already set in stone. 

If you want to know more, attached are links on the specifics of the domestic abuse claims against Vicherat as well as an article by the local newspaper, L’Union, on the rassemblement in Reims on 6/11/23.




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