Credit: Pinterest/ Carrie Neyman on X

Worries plague my mind, and a hint of desperation for rest urges me to go home. 

It shouldn’t take too long – once I get home, I can continue working. Isn’t it curious how I trade one workspace for another, heading back to the same realm of stress, work, and repeat? It sometimes feels like a fast-paced comical loop, a never-ending dance of responsibilities waiting for my return, a treadmill with no stop button, yet the speed keeps automatically increasing. 

Suddenly, the somber clouds darken, a chilling breeze blows past me, pitter patters of icy droplets slide down the side of my forehead. Great, just perfect, when I don’t even have my umbrella to shield me. I sometimes wonder if the sky has a deep-rooted vendetta against me. Raining on me when I am already fed up honestly feels a bit excessive.

The rain crashes onto the pavement with a ferocity that drowns the world in its sound. Its crescendo echoes off every surface — a deafening symphony. I can’t hear anything else, not even my thoughts. A curious transformation takes place. In the midst of this clamor, a serene clarity emerges. The deluge cleanses away the stressful thoughts that had long been tormenting me. 

The relentless rain turns into a gentle massage, kneading the knots of stress that had settled within me. In that moment, I loosen my shoulders and cease to resist, allowing the rain to drench me entirely. I smile and close my eyes, tilting my head upwards, letting the water wash over me. I had always wondered why movies always shot their cathartic scenes under heavy rain. How did those characters feel relieved with soggy shoes, wet hair, and cold clothes? Now, I finally understand. I was so annoyed five minutes ago yet I would stay here under this downpour for hours. The annoying noise from my soaked shoes no longer bother me, nor do the cold trickles from my wet hair. The rain was no longer an inconvenience but a liberation. 

In the past, every time rain fell, my heart always yearned for the sun’s return, eager to spot a beautiful rainbow, eager for a glorious transformation from storm to splendor. Now, this longing wanes as I watch the rain and its peaceful beauty, giving me a tranquility unmatched by anything else in the sky. 

I laugh at the absurdity of it, embracing the freedom that came with the unpredictability of nature’s whims. I found solace in the whispers from the sky, a reminder that beauty often arrives in the most unexpected chaos.

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