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Cocoa-Flavoured Granola Bar

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In the 

Soil – 

Not the arid soil 

But the fertile soils that bear 

The best crops

She dug and dug

Until there was


One that 

She could      ::/(.  ponder

And use her imagination.

One that is insular and



She looks                 ../;   up at the sky

How bright the           …-(       stars shine.

And the silence

like noise absent 

From the vastness

Of whatever there was.


Is it too deep

She gave her whole?

And filled it up with 

What still 







A striped zebra

         Marching in the field.

Closer and closer

He pressed his


On the weight of the world.


A pale horse 

        Marched in the field.

   single file,

Flickered his

Hooves, and Barked 

       Into the field

And the vastness

Of everything that remained.


A turtle

     Laid flat on the ground

And munched on the

Grass that


    The land

Was fruitful

And barren, 

The crops Withering in

The field. 


The horse cried ‘heaven’,                                     

      To the grass that

Remained in the lips of








In summertime,

The wind blew softly.

The soil was dry,

The horse vibed.


In springtime,

The horse cried.

The soil is warm,

The wind marched on.


In wintertime,

    All stopped.

All barren. All lost.


Where was the wind

That brought the arid soil 







Sole (translation: Soul)

She dug no longer,

Sitting she waited

For the day to arrive. 


Where is the sun

the horse promised?


She hoped to

Get a gasp on the flamboyant rays 


Shine brightly.

The soul-sucked effort

Dug whole 


For a turtle-necked

Horse in the distance 

And stale.



She hoped.


One day, Whole,

She may crawl out

and be free.


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