“Int. Theatre” Concept Art by Luca Tranchino, 2009

One flame 

Your stone cold smile

Blows out the candle

Whose light we once used

To singe the edges

Of my satin ribbons

To make them stop fraying- 

But one loose thread

Is all it takes

For it all to unravel


Where the Limelight Ceases 

It’s hard to find where the limelight ceases 

In a world of shadows. 

I wish to escape the blinding tedium 

Of being picked apart and dissected.

Center stage, we find ourselves reflecting hidden impurities 

To the masses beneath the beacons of hidden stage lights. 

I no longer wish for the interminable winters 

Coated with deceptive layers of white hot innocence 

For only a child is free from this biting marvel 

That plagues all those in its subjective beam of scrutiny.

Trying to flee is a futile attempt to regain one’s youth- 

We can only hope to take shelter in our own shadows 

When truly, one can never be free of the bright limelight that glares on center stage. 


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