As a soon-to-be 3A, I continue to discover new restaurants and cafés in Reims that I wish I had found earlier. Whether you’re only in your first year or you’re already nearing the end of your time in Reims like me, I’ve compiled this short list of hidden gems so that you can enjoy these easy-to-miss places as much as I have! If you spend two years in Reims without having gone to these food spots, you’ll definitely have missed out.

Ô Délices du Liban

What better way to start than with the very place that inspired me to write this article. Situated at the end of rue de Vesle, this small family-owned Lebanese restaurant offers some of the best sandwiches and wraps you can find. I’ve had the opportunity to try several of them, each as delectable as the next. Personally, I would recommend the falafel or kafta sandwiches, but I don’t think it’s possible to make a wrong choice! For students I would highly recommend taking the formula for 13 euros, which includes a sandwich accompanied by fries and a delicious garlic sauce. The portion sizes are generous and the price is more than reasonable for the quality and great service! My friends and I have been received with a warm welcome each time we’ve gone there.


Located in the heart of Reims at Place d’Erlon, this restaurant offers a wide variety of Korean dishes. I would highly recommend the bibimbap (I had the one with tofu). Most of the dishes come with banchan (small accompaniment plates), so you can share different banchan with the whole table. Altogether, this makes for a generous amount of food. If you want to get the bibimbap or hotplate, I would suggest going at lunchtime because the restaurant offers a formula for 14 euros. With so many different dishes to try, I will definitely be returning.

Busan Café

This small Korean café is easy to miss, located a 15-minute walk from Sciences Po on rue Clovis. It offers both sweet and salty treats, ranging from bungeoppang (fish-shaped waffles) and soufflé cheesecake to kimbap and Korean corn dogs. A wide range of drinks are also available, which are as tasty as they are aesthetic! Even better, most items on the menu are around 5 euros or less. If you’re a brunch person, you can also go to the café’s brunch from 11:00 to 14:00 on Sundays. This could also be a great place for students to work because it’s calm and has lots of outlets lining the counters!

Here is their Instagram account: @busan_cafe_reims


I discovered this restaurant by accident on Instagram and couldn’t have been more pleased. Located on boulevard du Général Leclerc, Koboon is a chain whose concept is making “refined Thai street food.” To be honest, it offers so many enticing dishes it was difficult to reach a decision! Personally, I had the vegetable Thai nems as an appetizer, followed by the rice noodles in a red coconut milk sauce with shrimp. For students, I’d recommend going at lunchtime on a weekday so you can take advantage of the formula which costs about 16 euros and includes an appetizer and a main dish, or a main dish and a dessert. If the great food is not enough to convince you, I found the ambiance in this restaurant to be very nice as well!

Here is a link to photos of some of their dishes:

Here is their Instagram account: @koboonresto.reims

The Coffee Champ’

No words can describe how good this coffee shop is. Apart from the cute decor and cozy setting — ideal for students looking for somewhere with a nice ambiance to study — the baked goods and drinks taste incredible. I’d highly recommend the chocolat ruby or matcha latte drinks, and the café’s soft, homemade chocolate chip cookies. They also have some lunch foods, such as wraps and savory croissants. The prices are reasonable (about 5 euros for a big drink and 3 euros for a cookie, which is also rather filling), especially considering the quality. Trying this location is a must.

Here is their Instagram account: @thecoffeechamp.reims

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