Spring has sprung for sciencespistes! Or should I say… campaign week? The last four days have swooped by with never-ending laughter, games and parties. However, one shall not be distracted by the plethora of entertainment and forget the main point of the campaign week. Focus, my dears, the voting has already begun!

Rest assured, the average Sciences Po student may find it difficult to choose between the lists. At the end of the day, who are we to judge? All seem interesting, all innovative and equally eager to spark up our otherwise boring student life. How is one to make the decision, then, say “yes” to only three? Put your worries aside — this article is here to make your life easier. Below you’ll find up-to-date information on the lists, explaining both very detrimental and slightly sillier aspects that are about to determine our lives for the next year, and summing up the most memorable events that you might have missed (blame the econ quizzes).   

Association sportive (AS)

 1. Eras (@eras.list): counter-list

Eras started the campaign week with a blast. On Tuesday, they organized the KERM’AS with Zumba classes, sumo wrestling and volleyball matches, and the Olympi’arts on Wednesday in collaboration with the BDA list Artisfaction. Each day, they have kindly provided us with healthy food and drinks, as well as exciting challenges and competitions (kudos to the push-up wars). The highlights of their campaign surely were their own song called “New Era,”  followed by daily Pilates and yoga sessions, as well as the fencing tournament, and of course, the parties organized in collaboration with other associations. 

The AS counter-list has underlined values and goals that concern both the active student life and the overall well being of Sciencepistes. Starting with trips and merch, they promise eager sports fans a wide choice of sport events, from conferences with sport professionals and screenings of sport events to races and fundraisers. Eras is determined to promote sports by winning over the hearts of the administration and allowing for more options of sports courses (and possibly the choice of two at the same time). The list also promises competitions with other universities and collaborations with other associations, joined by running groups. Regarding the welfare of students, Eras aims to offer more health weeks, raise mental health awareness and train the members of the association to provide first aid. The counter-list also intends to promote inclusion and representation, creating a platform for anyone to speak up and fight against VSS by fostering a safe and respectful environment. Lastly, they highlight the importance of transparency in expenses, partnerships and work, and environmental commitment by offering eco-friendly events and transportation for trips while working with the SPE.

 1. Flashback (@flashback.list): list

During the week, Flashback has blessed our campus with breakfast each morning and a bunch of giveaways and prizes. They have provided us with lots of food (let’s all unanimously thank Flashback for the pizzas) and activities, ranging from twister to a plank competition to a sports meme challenge. Particularly exciting was the “Birthday Party” on Tuesday, with boxing class and bubble football included, and Wednesday’s “Fun Fair,” offering snacks as prizes. On Thursday, though, the Paint Race stole the show. Naturally, Flashback have also finished their busy days with parties in collaboration with other lists. 

Flashback has chosen the strategy of “less is more” with four main values. The first is well-being: Flashback intends to nurture our healthy and inclusive diets, create a nap room, offer meditation sophrology, group walks and yoga sessions, and, lastly, provide weekly well-being kits. They also highlight commitment as an important value, and promise to promote women in sports by organizing conferences and exhibitions and raising awareness about women’s discrimination in sports, and paraplegic sports as well by means of demonstrations, meetings with para-athletes and broadcasting para-events. Flashback also aims to promote solidarity with the community via sports workshops in schools and nursing homes, in addition to fundraising sports events. Next on the list is cohesion. Surf and ski trips are planned, accompanied by a weekend hiking and camping trip. Last but not least, student life. New sports and weekly on-campus sports events are in the works, followed by “Open Gym/Field Sessions” and running groups. They also plan collaborations with other Reims universities and associations, more watch parties, interviews, podcasts and conferences with athletes aimed to provide a wider cultural perspective.

Bureau des Arts (BDA) 

2. Artisfaction (@artis_faction4bda): list

During campaign week, Artisfaction has organized various games and competitions, and blessed us with daily breakfasts. Some of the activities included collecting fruit stickers and a sleepover with pajamas. On Wednesday, we witnessed the Satisfair – a pop-up market and the aforementioned Olympi’arts to develop our ar(t)chery skills, while on Thursday a lovely garden gathering was held. Artsy activities throughout the week included face paint, hair dye, henna and bracelet making. As per usual, Artisfaction has also organized parties with other lists. 

For the upcoming year, Artisfaction has taken upon three main values. The first is accessibility, aiming to make art more approachable to all by collaborating with artistic associations, creating a weekly artistic publication and hosting workshops. Next on the list is creativity: the aim is to honor differences on the campus by celebrating our own creations, and our cultural and artistic diversity. Lastly, Artisfaction is to promote representation by advocating for our artistic voices and culture as an expression of our traditions and identities. In terms of student life, Artisfaction is set to organize open mics, on campus light shows, music room open hours, cafés culturels, playlists and newsletters each month.

2. STUART (@stuart.bda):  counter-list

During the campaign, STUART pleased us with breakfast, artistic workshops, and a special “stuARTS” festival for creative expression, offering a pottery stand, musical chairs and a jam session. From what I’ve heard, the laser game and the paint race were a huge hit, as were the karaoke and guitar lessons. A special mention goes to the haircuts and the amount of trust fellow sciencespistes had in STUART. Of course, they organized parties together with the other lists as well.  

For next year, STUART is planning to create new art spaces: an art room for practicing arts, a dark room for developing photography and cafés artistiques for meeting fellow artists and producing creative pieces. They are also set to create a new pole called “Discovery” that would be in charge of providing weekly artistic recommendations, conducting interviews and conferences and producing a magazine. In terms of events, STUART is planning to partake in Reims Art Festival, continue the traditions of the “Badass” party and the Minicrit, organize a  “Hackaton” for musical creation, and “Art4Food: (art in exchange for food). Even more exciting seems the plan to organize a Trip to Venice for the Biennale di Venezia!

Bureau des Elèves (BDE)

3. Once upon a BDE (@onceuponabde): list

Throughout the week, Once Upon a BDE has earned the uttermost admiration of sciencespistes with tons of events and unique activities. Among the most memorable were the fencing tournament and a yoga class, as well as free massages, a treasure hunt and a massive board game. To note, Once Upon a BDE organized a fundraiser for the Roseau association. They also blessed us with breakfast, making sure that our bellies are full of Moroccan cakes and healthy granola bowls. The parties took place on Tuesday and Wednesday with the help of other lists as well.

Once Upon a BDE has its values straight. The first is optimism, nourished by weekly snacks and shared moments of expression and relaxation. Following this, they will also aim to promote openness within students by sharing ideas between each other. Once Upon a BDE also plans to see growth happen at SciencesPo by investing in their wellbeing branch and collaborating with other “councils,” as well as providing healthy snacks, energy boosts, interactive games and trips. Lastly, Once Upon a BDE plans to reconnect with nature through a camping trip and walks outside Reims, “a juicy apple in hand.

3. BDExplorers (@bdexplorers_): counter list

From Monday to Thursday, the list BDExplorers has blessed our campus with an admirable variety of events and activities. One of the highlights was the Under the Sea Bubble Darty (with free snacks, of course). They also organised the Koh-Lanta, a survival challenge game. The counter-list also offered breakfast, activities such as VR, a GeoGuessr tournament, and a tournament named “the World Tour” with games and prizes from different continents. The end-of-the-day parties with other associations were also part of BDExplorers’ agenda.

BDExplorers has expressed its very own code of conduct. Firstly, it highlights the importance of quality and timely organization and transparency. Next, equality and inclusion are a priority: the list aims to amplify diverse student voices on campus to foster an inclusive environment through the facilitation of dialogue between sciencespistes. The BDExplorers then assures the integration of associations by equal participation and recognition, while focusing on extending connections with other Reims universities and communities as well. The counter list also focuses on the wellbeing and health of our students, which includes fight against VSS and other forms of harassment, and further attention to alleviation of logistical and administrative challenges faced by international students. BDExplorers’ last goal is the promotion of sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices and initiatives. 

To wrap up the truly exhilarating campaign week: bless the organizers, bless the fun we had and bless the lovely spring weather. After four days of top-tier food, laughter and dancing, we can tighten our belts for the remaining weeks of the second semester. A huge thanks, of course, goes to the campaign organizers who devoted their sleep, sweat and dreadful econ seminars to spark some joy in our lives. This week was surely one to remember and hold dear until the next year (unless you’re a 2A, in which case I’m sending you my deepest condolences). And to the dearest list members, sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for the results: may the odds be ever in your favor!

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