Student Representative Candidate Interviews

By October 12, 2017 No Comments

The Sundial Press interviewed each of the candidates for first year Euram and Euraf student representative positions. There are 11 Euram candidates for three Euram positions and 5 Euraf candidates for two Euraf positions. Voting will take place on Friday by online ballot. Click on each candidate’s name to read the interview.


Romaric Compaore

Ali Dilavarhoussen

Selma Ghodri

Loriane Henninot

Maktoub Razaki


Diana Glebova

Camille Ibos

Rose Jacobs

Bartholomew Konechni

Alice Li

Soraya Rocma

Antony Rossi

Erlend Skaug

Krystof Stupka

Wiktor Syzdlik

Apollon Thomopoulos


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