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Eco-Terrestrials – List for SPE

Members of EcoTerrestrials at work. Photo: Simone Richler//The Sundial Press

President:  Marie-Anne Paul

Vice President:  Ali Miqdad Dilavarhoussen

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What do you want students to know?
To introduce ourselves to the students, we are the Eco-Terrestrials running for the SPE bureau. Our name is based on the pun « Extra-Terrestrial », that we use to emphasize the fact that instead of moving to outer space because we have destroyed our planet, we could be, firstly, eco-terrestrials in protecting our environment.

We have a very diverse team consisting of half internationals and half French people. Our main goal is to be as inclusive as possible and we believe in an SPE in which everyone could be involved.

In our SPE, everyone on campus would have their role to play in making Sciences Po more of a green campus. We want to bridge the gap between knowing that climate change is happening and doing something about it. We will offer student concrete ways to change students daily lives for the planet. Being an environmentalist is not an exclusive political agenda, it’s a way of life.

What do you intend to change, if you were to succeed in the elections ?
If we were elected, we would like to make SPE more visible, more participative and involved in everyday students’ lives. Indeed, the environmental cause it’s not something we can afford to deal with at a later date. It’s something which should become part of our routine, our habits and even our ways of thinking.

That’s why we would like to implement regular eco-friendly tips and sustainable work-shops to improve the daily habits. Vegetarian cooking lessons, sewing lessons and brocante would bring new angle of environmentalism to our campus.  Of course, not everyone knows the impacts of their current daily habits, so we would like to run a campaign weighing the waste food from the cafeteria. A Citizen Challenge would encourage students to participate through prizes.
These daily habits would be helped by sharing the voices of the Sciences Pistes  who would be heard through our General Assemblies where students would have the right to vote, speak and propose projects.

Of course, we wouldn’t change everything. The classics of SPE like the paniers bio and the COP 23 and fun day events like DiscoSoup would stay.

Our key goal is a campus of students who are aware of environmental issues and their impact on them. Conferences and meetings with other students studying different subjects, particularly science, would help us broaden our knowledge. As Sciences Pistes, we should put greater emphasize on environmental issues and not focus only on politics, as our awareness of key societal issues is crucial to our future work.

What are some events you want to highlight that your list will offer this week?
Our main goal when we prepared events for you was to diversify the spectrum of activities proposed by an SPE list. That’s why, we planned some events to emphasize environmental issues like the « café-débat » we’re organizing on Tuesday.

But we also wanted to propose alternatives to students with fun events: like the eco-friendly tips organized every day by Chiara during lunchtime from Monday, the brocante planned the second Friday and the bio-beauty products given on Monday in partnership with Yves Rocher.

Moreover, the environment does not only concern its protection but also the way we live in it: that is the reason why we wanted to propose students a lot of outdoors activities like the slackline in the courtyard, the yoga on Monday and the workout organized on Wednesday.

Finally, one of our biggest concern is to avoid food waste, that’s why the majority of the food which will be given during the week at lunch time or Paniers Bio Home Delivery would be food which was destined to be turned. Get ready to eat soup guys!!


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