Toy Storeims – List for BDE

Members of the Toy Storeims team. Photo: Simone Richler//The Sundial Press

Interview by Jacob Hartley and Aurore Laborie

President: Noé Baudouin

Vice President: Aya El-Alami

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What do you want students to know?

We summarized the pledges of our campaign in 7 big points. Integrating fully the student body, fight against financial inequalities, promote a better inter-association integration, we created a website to centralized the BDE information, we want to make the BDE more responsive to the student’s will and more representative of the students, we will promote a better integration in the city of Reims, and we will give more importance to trips.


What do you intend to change, if you were to succeed in the elections?


Integrating fully the student body:

Our integration week will bring new coming students all together. We are talking here about the 1As and the exchange students. The goal is to give them an opportunity to meet the 2As in order to make the best out of their time here in SciencesPo.

We intend to organize more non-alcoholic events in order to include the part of the campus who does not/not always want to drink every time.

We also want to emphasize more the attention given to exchange students. They will have their own pole in the BDE, directed by Amandine Hess. Amandine’s pole will have its own email address as well as a facebook page for exchange students. Moreover, an exchange student will be joining the BDE at the beginning of each semester.


Fighting against financial inequalities:

We will do our best in order to keep our price as down as possible for the students

We will implement a anonymous bursary system in order to make it possible for as many people as possible to attend to our events. It will consist in an interview between the student an one of the members of the executive.

We will implement and empower easier payment solutions: you will be able to pay by cash but also Pumpkin or by credit card!


Promote better inter-associative integration:

We will organize more event in partnership with other associations or bureaux of the campus

The BDE will act as a facilitator by creating a new pole in the BDE: the Inter-association pole. Matilde Echeverri will be in charge of it and her goal will be to make sure that events organized by other associations or bureaux do not overlap and do not enter in conflict. Matilde Echeverri will achieve this goal by being in close touch with the executives of other bureaux and associations. Instead of being in conflict with the other associations and bureaux, we will do as much as we can to help other associations namely by lending the BDE material.


Creation of a website:

All the information about our events and partnerships will be centralized and constantly updated on the Website.

Matéo Bouvier-D’Yvoire will also be in charge of uploading the many photos and videos we will be taking during our events.


Make the BDE more responsive to the student’s will and more representative of the students:

Surveys will be conducted on a regular basis to better grasp the wishes of the students.

We will set up a box on campus in which students will have the possibility to express their wishes, ideas and also feedback for our future events.


Promoting integration in the City of Reims:

We will set up as many partnerships as possible and a sticker of the Campus of Reims will be on our partners’ shopfronts.

We will publish a booklet with useful information, tips, ideas and also visits and trips  in Reims and its neighbourhood in order for students to better discover the environment in which they live.


Giving more importance to trips:

We feel like trips are a great way for students to create links between each other. We will therefore organize more day-trips thanks to the work of João Victor Black who is the head of our Trip pole. João Victor Black will also be in charge of organizing trips during each midterm holidays in order for people who do not go back to there families to be provided with activities even during the holidays.


It was kind of a hard job but this is a very concise version of our campaign pledges that we will implement if we get elected. You have of course access to a more precise information in French and in English on our website: www.bde-reims.fr . Go to the ‘Program’ section!


What are some events you want to highlight that your list will offer this week?


Rextaurant: Everyday of the week Toy Storeims will be providing you with food at lunch break in front of the campus! You can of course have access to the menu on our our Rextaurant event and on our website!

Trip to the Parc de la Forêt d’Orient: We are taking you on a trip! For 19 euros we will offer you a complete programme: hiking in the forest, sport activities brought to you by ASAP, horse-riding for a reduced price, beach activities, a photography workshop brought to you by professionals and more to come! You will be leaving at 8:30 A.M. and coming back at 7:00 P.M. just in time for the Grammy Awards !

Casa de Papel: you all know the Atrium? You will all love the party we organized for you on Wednesday the 18th! Whether you know the series of not, the decoration of the party will amaze you. In order to make this money heist as effective as possible, we collaborate with half the lists of the campaigns but also the URCA (school of law in Reims)!

Barbâtrathon Lot’s-O’Pink: Concept of the appartathon is well know but sooo fun! We will open our apartments in rue du barbâtre for you guys! You will be able to experience a throwback to childhood in the nice atmosphere created by your hosts: Amandine, Luis and Matilde!
Save the date: Friday the 20th !


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