Sportacus – List for AS

The Sportacus executive team. Photo: Simone Richler//The Sundial Press

Interview by Jacob Hartley and Aurore Laborie

President: Camille Benguerbi-Fargues  

Vice President: Diego Poli

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What do you want students to know?

To get to know our list a little: Sportacus’s goal, in general, is to make the campus’s sports culture more accessible. We plan to work with the admin to increase the number of credited sports spots, and to lower the costs of participation generally. Our partnerships will allow us to organize more athletic projects around Reims, like outings to watch the Stade play in Ligue 1, regular discovery of new sports, and a healthier-minded ‘wellnAS’ initiative.


What do you intend to change, if you were to succeed in the elections ?

We plan to work more often with other associations on campus in order to stress the social aspects and benefits of sports. Sport can indeed be a great tool for social integration!

Next year, if elected, we’ll recruit an exchange student in order to better integrate that significant part of our campus community. We also plan to organize a sports week, in which the bureau celebrates and promotes the benefits that an athletic lifestyle can bring.

What are some events you want to highlight that your list will offer this week?

This week, keep an eye out for our athletic workshops, like parkour on Saturday, boxing on Monday, or Thursday’s record breaking and teqball activities!



A previous version of this article included an answer from the other AS list. We have since updated this interview, and we apologize for the confusion. 


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