They say that being young is a time to treasure 

That it’s a time to have fun and feel free

They say that we should make the most of it

As if this is a time we can control  


What can we make of the time we are living in?

The longer we live the more we see how much gets lost    

What can we make of a world of winners and losers?

As if there is an iron law saying the winner takes all 


Maybe the answer is to sit back and share posts of pity

To give support while not being too scarred 

Maybe the answer is to suffocate in all the sorrows we see

As if that means we’re taking a share of their burden


In an age of darkness we are cruel to think to have fun

To think of small things and not big problems  

In an age of disasters we are to care only for others 

As if we should overlook the big things in the small world of our own


For now, people have to keep on surviving

That should be the bare minimum 

And as for later, people have to keep smiling

As if only an age of fun could be our future    





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