Most enjoyed Major course in Semester 1:

  1. LECTURE + DISCUSSION SESSION: Microeconomics: Information, Design, and Institutions (64.7%)
  2. LECTURE + DISCUSSION SESSION: Significant Topics in Sociology: Gender (35.3%)
  3. METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP: Introduction to Econometrics (0.0%)

Most enjoyed Major course in Semester 2:

  1. LECTURE: Business and Society – Boundaries, Frictions, and Contemporary Trends (70.6%)
  2. METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP: Data analysis for sociologists: interpreting evidence from a gender-based speed dating (23.5%)
  3. METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP: Constructing a Sociology of Public Spaces (5.9%)

Additional Comments:

  • I think that Economy and Society is a brilliant major for anyone who is really interested in opening up the black box of the political and trying to understand it from a critical perspective. It’s not just neoclassical economics. In this major, we have the opportunity to ask questions about everything from the Polynesian Kula Ring, to the modelisation of auctions to electoral behaviours. It’s a wonderfully diverse major which, if supplemented with some choice electives, can prove to be both methodologically and intellectually fulfilling. You really feel that you have the opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty of things.
  • I chose the Econ major because I thought that we would study more macroeconomics, and why not political economy, [but] microeconomics was the main theme, with econometrics [first semester] and then data analysis in the second semester. These two courses are really the worst, even though I like economics.
  • Economics and society is a good major. It can be rather hard if you’re not a math-based person. This being said, I was able to survive it, meaning that you needn’t be a Math wiz to get by. Sociology courses [during] the 2nd semester are very interesting. Econometrics is rather awful. Sociology of Public Spaces also is a bit hard in that you are expected to conduct an ethnography [investigation] despite the fact that you have little to zero experience with which to conduct it. I’d still take this major again.
  • For 1As wondering whether they’ll need maths for this major, the answer is yes! Even for those more interested in socio… Microeconomics, econometrics and data analysis all require maths.
  • I HATED econometrics (way too much content to cover, a [difficult] teacher…) but hopefully, they will improve that next year. This semester, I’m not really in love with any of my major-related courses, but they are okay.
  • Econometrics is the worst class I have ever had, although it does not require lots of work since most of the students quickly gave up this course. Hopefully, it will be improved/changed next semester.
  • If you like economics and sociology don’t hesitate but be aware that you’ll have an econometrics class which hopefully they will have made better by next year but this year it was AWFUL (we passed, though)
  • History has too much weight in this major. The “economic” [lecture] of [the second] semester is very descriptive/historical which seems very weird.

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