Most enjoyed major course in Semester 1:

  1. LECTURE + DISCUSSION SESSION: The ABCs of Politics: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives on Contemporary Politics (46.2%)
  2. LECTURE + DISCUSSION SESSION: Narratives, Uses, and Representations of the Past (46.2%)
  3. METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP: Finding Your Written Voice: How to Write for Publication (7.7%)
  4. METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP: How to detect what is true and what is fake in the news (0.0%)
  5. METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP: How to read and decode the news (0.0%)

Most enjoyed major course in Semester 2:

  1. LECTURE: The Idea of Equality in the U.S. from Tom Paine to Thomas Piketty (92.3%)
  2. METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP: British Political Discourse in a North-American Comparative Perspective (7.7%)
  3. METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP: How to Pitch and Write a News Story (0.0%)
  4. METHODOLOGICAL WORKSHOP: Public Speaking Techniques (0.0%)

Additional Comments:

  • Take the [major] that interests you. If you do a master in any of these subjects you will have to study these things again anyhow.
  • The choice of topics and issues are great; I know some people will think that studying “philosophy” and “history” is rather useless compared to politics and government, but you are at the Bachelor’s level still, and your aim should be to build a very strong and broad theoretical foundation about politics whilst being knowledgeable about events of the past and their impact today, and how to not take what you read for granted. However, I heard that some of the teachers are going to change (like Prof Lever for ABCs), so there is no guarantee that the quality will be the same as what we experienced.
  • Don’t hesitate a second, go for it!
  • The second semester answer is a lie, all classes for this major are either boring or things we’ve already had. [The] first [semester] was great though.

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